Doctoral Students

Rick Reynolds, PhD

"Data Mining and Clustering for Healthcare Claims," Dissertation, 2017.

-Auburn University

Ilknur Turkmen, PhD

"Retail Re-layout," Dissertation, 2017.

-Auburn University

Erhan Karakaya, PhD

"Improved Operations in Empty Container Ports Through Layout Design," Dissertation, 2017.

-Auburn University

Alejandro Teran-Somohano, PhD

"Patient-Centric Facility Design for Rehabilitation Hospitals," Dissertation, 2017.

-Auburn University

Sabahattin Gokhan Ozden, PhD

"New Approaches to Order Picking Warehouse Design," Dissertation, 2017.

-Auburn University

Co-advised with Dr. Kevin Gue.

Jarrett Chapman, PhD

"Optimization of Military MANET Using Prior Knowledge," Dissertation, 2017.

-Auburn University

Co-advised with Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith

NSF Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship Awardee.

Eren Sakinc, PhD

"Manufacturing Cost Prediction in the Presence of Categorical and Numeric Design Attributes," Dissertation, August 2016.

-Auburn University

Currently Senior Associate, Business Planning and Insight Division, Axtria Inc.

Elif Ozgormus, PhD

"Optimization of Block Layout for Grocery Stores," Dissertation, February 2015.

-Auburn University

Currently Assistant Professor - Department of Industrial Engineering, Pamukkale University, Denizli, Turkey.

Ozgur Kabadurmus, PhD

"Design of Resilient Heterogeneous Wireless Networks," Dissertation, August 2013.

-Auburn University

Currently Assistant Professor - Department of Logistics, Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey.

Younchol Eric Cho, PhD

"Optimization of Military MANET," Dissertation, December 2009.

-Auburn University

Co-advised with Dr. Jeffrey S. Smith

Currently Lieutenant Commander - South Korean Navy.

Haluk Yapicioglu, PhD

"Facility Design for Retail Enterprises," Dissertation, December 2008.

-Auburn University

Currently Assistant Professor, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey.

Orhan Dengiz, PhD

"Optimal Deployment Strategy of Mobile Agents to Maintain Connectivity and Performance in Mobile Ad hoc Networks," Dissertation, December 2007.

-Auburn University

Currently Operations & Information Manager, USAS, Ankara, Turkey.

Sadan Kulturel, PhD

"Facility Layout and Relayout Under Uncertainty," Dissertation, May 2002.

-Auburn University

Currently Professor of Management Information Systems, Penn State - Berks.

Yun-Chia Liang, PhD

"Ant Colony Methods for Combinatorial Optimization," Dissertation, December 2001.

-Auburn University

Currently Professor - Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Yuan Ze University, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Abdullah Konak, PhD

"A Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm Approach to Telecommunication Network Design Problems Considering Reliability and Performance," Dissertation, August 2000.

-University of Pittsburgh

Currently Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State - Berks.

Ravipim Chaveesuk, PhD

"Metamodeling for Sensitivity Analysis of Capital Projects," Dissertation, December 2000.

-University of Pittsburgh

Currently Head - Agro-Industrial Technology Program, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. Royal Thai Scholar.

Sarah Lam, PhD

"Improved Prediction and Validation Using Resampled Neural Networks: Committee Networks and Hybrid Validation," Dissertation, August 1999.

-University of Pittsburgh

Currently Associate Dean - Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering, Binghamton University (S.U.N.Y.).

Chen-Yu Fei, PhD

"Stochastic Simulation Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms," Dissertation, April 1997.

-University of Pittsburgh

Colonel in the Taiwanese Army.

Mehmet Gulsen, PhD

"Curve Fitting and Function Selection with a Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm," Dissertation, April 1997.

-University of Pittsburgh

Currently Assistant Professor - Department of Industrial Engineering, Baskent University, Ankara, Turkey.

Previously with United Airlines and Disney Corporation.

David W. Coit, PhD

"Optimization of Reliability Design Problems Considering the Uncertainty in Component Reliability and Time-to-Failure," Dissertation, August 1996.

-University of Pittsburgh

Currently Professor - Department of Industrial Engineering, Rutgers University.

NSF CAREER awardee.

Janet M. Twomey, PhD

"Nonparametric Error Evaluation Methods for Evaluating and Validating Artificial Neural Networks," Dissertation, January 1995.

-University of Pittsburgh

Currently Professor - Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Wichita State University.

NSF CAREER awardee and former NSF Program Director.

Masters Students

Eren Sakinc, M.I.S.E.

"Comparing the Influence of Probability Density Functions on the Estimation of Product Cost by Using Monte Carlo Simulation," Project, May 2010.

-Auburn University

Orhan Dengiz, M.I.S.E.

"Artificial Intelligence Applications to Grain Boundary Detection in Fuzzy Images," Project, December 2002.

-Auburn University

Arthur Griffin, M.I.S.E.

"Predictive Modeling for Time Estimation in the Custom Garment Industry," Project with Russell Corporation, May 2001.

-Auburn University

GEM Scholar.

Chat Srivaree-ratana, M.S.I.E.

"Neural Network Approach to All-Terminal Network Reliability Estimation," Thesis, August 1998.

-University of Pittsburgh

Darren L. Deeter, M.S.I.E.

"A Genetic Algorithm for Solving a Generalized Network Design Problem," Thesis, August 1996.

-University of Pittsburgh

Bonnie Turner Jackson, M.S.I.E.

"A Hierarchical Neural Network Approach to Modeling the Wave Solder Process," Thesis, December 1995.

-University of Pittsburgh

National Science Foundation Minority Fellowship.

Saniye B. Ozserim, M.S.I.E.

"Improving Neural Network Simulation Metamodels Using Iterative Training," Thesis, September 1995.

-University of Pittsburgh

Lee A. Gregory, M.S.

"Reduction in Cycle Time for Acceptance Testing of Shipboard Propulsion Plant Valves," Manufacturing Systems Engineering Thesis, April 1995.

-University of Pittsburgh

Mark Wilhelm, M.S.I.E.

"Process Planning and Process Standard Time Prediction Using an Integrated Expert System and Neural Networks Approach," Thesis, April 1994.

-University of Pittsburgh