CITI Training

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) is dedicated to promoting the public’s trust in the research enterprise by providing high quality, peer-reviewed, Web-based educational courses in research, ethics, regulatory oversight, responsible conduct of research, research administration, and other topics pertinent to the interests of member organizations and individual learners. 

These materials are designed and regularly updated to:

  • Enhance the knowledge and professionalism of investigators, staff, and students conducting research in the United States and internationally
  • Educate members, administrators, and leadership of ethics committees that review and oversee research
  • Promote ethical research at organisations through the education of research administrators and organisational leadership.

Note: This training is required to be completed by every researcher who has to work with the human subject for their research. For AUBE Lab researchers who will be working with the human subject must have to create an account on the website provided below and complete 3 below listed certificate trainings.

i. Account Creation


Make sure to click ’no’ for CE credits or you will be charged before you can get credit for the courses.

ii. Required Courses

        a. HIPAA and Human Subjects Research
        b. History and Ethics of Human Subjects Research
        c. IRB #1 Health Science Emphasis = AU Personnel

iii. After Completion

When you are finished, upload the pdf with your grades onto the lab OneDrive.

"Nexus" Motion Capture Software

AUBE Lab is equipped with VICON NEXUS Motion Capture System. It is a Data Capture software for clinical, biomechanics and sports science. Vicon’s data capture software developed for our Life Science customers. With a host of new automated features, intelligent processing and flexible controls, Nexus 2 sets a new standard for motion capture. 

For more information about VICON  NEXUS, please click here

Visual 3D

Visual 3D is a data processing software used by the AUBE Lab to process the data collected from VICON Nexus Motion Capture system.

Visual3D is the premier biomechanics analysis tool for measuring movement and force data as collected by almost any kind of 3D motion capture system. It is a Microsoft Windows application. It provides the calculations needed for kinematics and kinetics - including support for instrumented treadmills. It includes the latest mathematical techniques for optimisations, signal processing and filtering, inverse kinematics, complex biomechanical modelling, forces and force structures, and much more. 

Customers include universities, commercial, and government researchers studying rehabilitation, neuroscience, engineering, robotics, sports (performance tracking, injury prevention, equipment manufacture, exercise studies), orthopaedics, prosthetics, animal studies, disability assessments, and much more. 

Visual3D eliminates the need for custom software and local maintenance. It manages data, creating indexes for querying, includes complex mathematical expressions support, and provides the implementation of published algorithms and processes.

For more information about features of Visual 3D, please click here.

You can find Wiki Documentation for Visual 3D training here.

Click here for Biomechanics Textbook and some example data files.

Motion Genesis

Motion Genesis is a symbolic force, motion, and code-generation tool that is used by researchers in AUBE Lab.

Features of MotionGenesis:

For sample problems solved by MotionGenesis, please visit here.

To learn more about MotionGenesis, please visit click here.

Downloading Journal articles for free

There are several Journal publishing website where you can find journal articles that you might need for your research. Most of the articles are not free to download and you will need a subscription to be able to download them and the subscriptions are very expensive. But Auburn Library has a subscription to most of the popular publishers and thus you can download the articles through Auburn Library page for free. please click here to visit the Auburn library's database page to search for publishers by subjects.

Once you visit the page, click on the college category you want to search the article then click on the publishers link provided on the same page. Next, search for the articles using keywords, author's name, journal title or article title and download the article that you want. Keep in mind that you need to be connected to the on-campus internet to be able to download the articles for free and the articles need to be published after 1995 since Auburn has free subscriptions for articles published after 1995 only.

However, you can request for the articles published before 1994 using this page. Log in to this page using your AUAccess credentials. You will be asked to fill a form with your information at the first visit. Now, to request for the article, click on one of the categories under the tab "New Request" on the left-hand side of the page. Next, fill the form with the information from the journal you are looking for and submit the request. You will be notified via email once they have found the journal/article and you will be able to download the articles/journals using the link in the email or by logging into the same library account you requested the journals from.

Note: You can submit requests for as many as 30 journal/articles at one time while there is still no limit on the number of journals that you can request over the time.

Fact about AU Library: As a graduate student, you can request books/journals/Dissertation from Library online and they will deliver it to your office/lab.

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