SMA Glove

Project Name: Development of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Actuated Glove




The proposed product of the research plan is a biomechanical glove that assists hand movement through the controlled heating and cooling of shape memory alloy that laced throughout the glove. The assistive glove will be powered by a battery that induces an electrical current through the wires of the glove, and the natural resistance within the wires provides a safe way to heat the wires. When the wires are heated, the shape memory alloy wires contract in length, and the wires running along the fingers in the glove flex with it. Thus, the glove assists a disabled hand in flexing the fingers by electrical resistive heating of the shape memory alloy wires. As the wires cool down, the glove returns to its idle position due to the property of shape memory alloy, so the person who wears the glove can release the originally intended object at the task. The controlled heating and cooling of shape memory alloy in the glove will assist in actuating finger movement so that daily tasks and hobbies can be performed at an ideal level. The tools utilised during the research process of the biomechanical glove include Motion Genesis dynamics software, VICON Motion Capture Systems, and CAD.

Last Updated: 6/19/18 4:38 PM