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Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

The Master of Engineering Management degree, housed in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Thomas Walter Center, allows those who are currently working in an engineering-related field to expand their career potential and earn a degree that will pay dividends toward their future. The degree is the only one of its kind offered in Alabama and appeals to individuals working in the aerospace, biosystems, chemical, civil, computer science and software, electrical and computer, industrial and systems, materials, mechanical and wireless industries.

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This degree is targeted toward those individuals working in an engineering discipline who want to go back to school at their own convenience. The GRE is not required for eligible students who have earned a 2.75 GPA from an ABET-accredited engineering program. The courses, offered online, allow students to earn a well-rounded master’s degree targeted toward specific options. Students who enroll can expect to graduate with a degree that meets their specific professional interest.


Degree Requirements:

Students who complete 30 hours, or 10 courses, will earn a Master of Engineering Management degree in one of four options:

Master of Engineering Management – Manufacturing Option

Master of Engineering Management – Occupational Safety and Ergonomics Option

Master of Engineering Management – Systems Option

Master of Engineering Management - Product Innovation (launching fall 2020)


Options Offered:

The Master of Engineering Management degree offers five core courses. These options provide students the oppportunity to obtain a degree that best fits their needs.


Master of Engineering Management – all options

INSY 6600/06 Manufacturing and Production Economics 3 hours

INSY 7980/86 Master’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering Project 3 hours

INSY 6800/06 Lean Production 3 hours

INSY 7080/86 Human Factors Engineering 3 hours

BUSI 7140/46 Organizational Leadership, Ethics and Change 3 hours

Master of Engineering Management – Manufacturing Option

INSY 6330/36 Data Based Decision Making Using Six Sigma 3 hours

INSY 6840/46 Control of the Manufacturing Floor and Processes  3 hours

Plus three additional graduate elective courses

Master of Engineering Management-Occupational Safety and Ergonomics Option

INSY 6010/16 Safety Engineering I 3 hours

INSY 7020/26 Safety Engineering II 3 hours

INSY 7060/66 Ergonomics I 3 hours

INSY 7070/76 Ergonomics II 3 hours

INSY 7050/56 Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Hazards 3 hours

Master of Engineering Management-Systems Option

INSY 7720/26 Systems Engineering 1 3 hours

INSY 7710/16 Life Cycle Engineering 3 hours

MNGT 7160/66 Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology 3 hours

Select two courses in INSY 6000-8999 or INSY-related @6000-8999 electives 6 hours


Master of Engineering Management- Product Innovation Option (anticipated 2019)

MNGT 7161/66 Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology 3 hours

INSY 7730/36 Product Design, Development and Test 3 hours

INSY 7740/46 Product Launch, Manufacturing and Delivery 3 hours

INSY 7750/56 Intellectual Property, Legal, Venture Capital 3 hours

INSY 7710/16 Life Cycle Engineering 3 hours


Transcript Information:

If you graduated from Auburn and want to obtain your transcript to apply for the Master of Engineering Management degree, please click the link below.

Apply Now:

Students are encouraged to have all of their materials submitted through the Graduate School approximately one month prior to the first day of each starting semester. International students should submit their materials two months prior to the start of the semester.

Fall 2020 application deadline: July 17, 2020

Spring 2021 application deadline: November 22, 2020

Summer 2021 application deadline: April 19, 2021



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If you are interested in learning more about the Master of Engineering Management degree, please contact:

LuAnn Carpenter, graduate master's coordinator