Board of Directors

Student Inventors

Mission Statement

The mission of the Auburn Society of Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club is to engage students to think critically about everyday problems and create innovative solutions without the help of a big corporation. Throughout the year, ASIEC will host meetings featuring speakers in the fields of invention, patenting and entrepreneurship, and will work towards creating AU resources for students interested in inventing, prototype production, and starting their own businesses.

Active Student Board of Directors, Spring 2015:

Troy Ferguson; Bhargava Anumala; Karthik Sridharan; Samrat Panday; Ross Bonner; Shelly Womack; Joel Morris; Arvind Kumar; Guru Rao; Deepanraj


2014-2015 year

Past Presidents: Clint Jarvis, Grant Moore 

Founding President: Blake Hudson

Faculty Advisor, mentor: Dr. Paul Swamidass ; 

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2015