Board of Directors

Student Inventors

President: John Tracy


I’m from Birmingham, AL, and I’m a senior majoring in Economics. I joined the Auburn Student Inventors and Entrepreneurs club and took over as President because I wanted to learn the process of taking my ideas to the market and meet other people with similar ambitions. My personal goals are to build an entrepreneurial community around Auburn and start a company focused on social innovation. My vision for the club is to establish it as an effective tool for providing students with hands on experience of taking ideas through the stages of business development, production, and market implementation.  

VP for Technological Resources: ROB BENNETT'S STATEMENT

I am from McLean, Virginia, and I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. I first got introduced to the club by having the opportunity to participate in the Auburn Start – Up Challenge of fall 2012. Through the competition, I learned crucial business development skills that . There are a few things I would like to get out of the club, the main thing being to create a successful startup company, and another is to be able to help other students develop their own businesses. A few visions I have for the club are: for the students involved to have a place and the tools needed to develop their own prototypes, to invite speakers, such as Tim Cook to come and talk to the University about how to run a company, and to give students the tools and contacts in order for them to succeed. 

VP for Technological Research: MATTHEW DECUIR'S STATEMENT

I am an undergraduate researcher entering my third year of Chemical Engineering.  In the lab I’ve seen that students learn useful skills through passion for their own project or design.  As vice president of Technological Research for the Auburn Student Inventors and entrepreneurs club, I want to afford Auburn students the opportunity to have hands on experience with whatever they are passionate about.   Auburn students can become a great resource to the community and to themselves by working towards practical solutions to today’s socioeconomic problems.  I plan to work with the club to research and fund my own inventions and to help other students engineer their own prototypes.  My research interests include electromagnetics, consumer electronics, energy storage and transfer efficiency, and alternative energy production.


I am a senior majoring in Finance and minoring in English here at Auburn University. Entrepreneurship and early-stage business formation interest me greatly, and the main reason why I want to be a leader in this club is to network with like-minded people. This club could turn into a really great resource for the university and create and foster an entrepreneurial community that is much needed in auburn. It would be a great honor for me to have a part in the development of this club. 

Immediate Past President: Grant Moore 

Founding President: Blake Hudson

Faculty Advisor, mentor: Dr. Paul Swamidass ; 

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2013