Business-Engineering-Technology Program


Students, Alumni & Faculty at the Spring 2010 Reception

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Apply online to the Inventors Club


Applications for 2014 opens January 1, 2014

2014 BET classes will start fall 2014

Why should you join the Business-Engineering-Technology minor?

Auburn University’s Business Engineering Technology (B-E-T) Program is a rare and unique program in the USA.

This minor is designed to enhance all majors offered in the Colleges of business and engineering at AU. A typical BET class may have up to 15 different majors.

B-E-T minor would increase the range of job opportunities of the graduate--a major asset in the tight job market.

In the job market, this minor is designed to add significant value to the business or engineering degree--it may land the graduate a more desirable job sooner, a better paying job, or a job in technology-intensive companies with better salaries. The BET experience also gives the graduate the skills to start his/her own business in the future based on a new product.

All seven courses (16 total credits) in the program are taken by business and engineering students jointly while working together in teams. They get a thorough overview of all aspects of a business through hands-on experience in developing a new product as well as a business plan for a new business startup. This is an experience even MBA programs do not offer routinely.

Why Corporations hire B-E-T graduates?

The B-E-T program imparts the following skills in:

  • Verbal and written communication through several reports and presentations
  • Teamwork in cross-functional groups
  • Very tight project management using MS Project
  • Team leadership
  • Analyzing various aspects of a business including competition, markets, costing, pricing, cash flow and financing
  • New product development
  • Decision making in open-ended problem situations
  • Starting new businesses

The B-E-T Program summary

B-E-T is a two-year minor offered to selected students in the College of Business and the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. Students admitted to the program are competitively selected for their academic achievements. B-E-T courses are designed with industry in mind, preparing students to work in technology-intensive firms by training them in business skills necessary for developing business plans, including market research, marketing, accounting and production management; as well as technical skills such as intellectual property evaluation, patent search, and engineering analysis of products and components. Courses are team taught by senior engineering and business professors.


Students, Alumni & Faculty at the Spring 2008 Reception

I participated in the BET program during my freshman year at Auburn…I have always regarded the Introduction to BET class as my most useful class here at Auburn.  

-Hayden Hill, November 2012

"Wannabe entrepreneurs take note: simply sitting and thinking about the perfect business plan won't get you anywhere! In the first BET class, students spent just 12-weeks drafting, designing, researching and testing the early stages of a technology-based business -- while going to school full-time -- and many of them now have viable business plans in their hands.”

-Meredith Singer, technology entrepreneur, Auburn, AL, December 2012