Performance Data

 As of November 26, 2017, 10,009,457.4 equivalent single axle loads (ESALs) were completed on the track's sixth testing cycle.

Field Performance

Trucking is suspended every Monday to perform vehicle maintenance and quantify pavement performance. Rut depths, roughness, and macrotexture are measured every week. We use an inertial road profiler equipped with a full lane width dual scanning laser each week to determine individual wheelpath roughness, right wheelpath macrotexture, and individual wheelpath rutting for each test section. Additionally, three random locations within each section (in a stratified manner) serve as fixed locations for nondestructive wheelpath density testing. Transverse profiles are measured along these same locations so that rutting may be verified using a contact method. Falling weight deflectomer testing, high speed structural response data collection, and surface crack mapping are typically conducted each week. Every month, wet ribbed surface friction testing is conducted with a full scale friction trailer. Each quarter, sound and permeability testing are conducted to characterize how the pavement surfaces are changing over time, and cores are cut from the wheelpath of every section so that densification of each layer can be considered.

Lab Performance

To facilitate lab to field performance correlations, a large amount of actual plant-run material is sampled at the time test sections are constructed. This material is placed into climate controlled storage and is used to fabricate specimens for many different types of laboratory performance characterizations. Mix placed in the bottom of pavement test sections is subjected to beam fatigue and push-pull testing in order to characterize resistance to fatigue. Mix placed in surface layers is subjected to dynamic modulus, flow number, APA, and Hamburg testing in order to quantify resistance to permanent deformation. Surface mixes are also subjected to overlay testing, semi-circular bending, IDT creep/strength testing, and energy ratio testing in order to characterize each mix's cracking susceptibility. Numerous other tests are conducted on mix constituents in order to asses their contribution to pavement performance.

Performance Map

Performance data for each section can be viewed by positioning your mouse over the section in question and left-clicking. These reports also include crack maps.