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Technology Development


Technology DevelopmentThe technology development branch focuses on the research and development of novel hardware and software solutions that meet the challenges in clinical and experimental high-field human and animal MRI. RF transmitters that are safe and effective and high-sensitivity RF receivers that are apt in different imaging protocols are currently investigated. To assure patient safety in various experimental conditions in high-field MRI, especially with the application of multi-channel parallel transmission system, advanced real-time computing technologies that combine image segmentation, automatic mesh generation and numerical solutions of Maxwell’s equations is our continuous research effort. On the animal imaging side, application-oriented innovative RF hardware design that offers ultra-high sensitive and accommodate to confined spaces will be pursued.


Graduate Students

  • Hai Lu (PhD) - MRI hardware
  • Yu Shao (PhD) - Computational methods for MRI
  • Xiatong Sun (MS) - MRI hardware
  • Xiyang Wang (MS) - Image processing