Selected Current Projects

Project Title
      Principle                Investigator

Evaluation of Remediation Strategies for Shrink-Swell Clays in Western Alabama


Improving Camber Predictions for Prestressed Concrete Girders


Distortion-Induced Fatigue of Horizontally Curved Steel Bridges


Evaluation of EVA Testing Results for ALDOT's Bridge Scour Calculation


Pavement Condition Data Quality Assurance


Experimental Determination of Braking Force Distribution in Steel Pile Bent Bridges


Bio-Inspired and Sustainable Remediation Strategies for Soil Erosion and Mass Movement in Alabama


Use of Geophysical Methods for Sinkhole Exploration


NCHRP 12-112; Update of the AASHTO LRFD Movable Highway Bridge Design Specifications


A Guidebook for Implementing Alternative Technical Concepts into Project Delivery Methods


Strength Assessment of Soil-Cement Base


Torsional Resistance of Drilled Shaft Foundations


Analysis of the Safety and Mobility Benefits of Queue Warning Systems in Alabama Work Zones


Analysis and Potential Solutions to Sediment Deposition in Dean Road Bridge Watershed, Midland City, AL


Evaluation of Sediment Barriers Using Large-Scale Testing Techniques


Wrong-Way Driving Crashes Predictive Models and Countermeasures Evaluation


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