Recently Completed Projects

Project Title
 Principle Investigator

A Study of Wrong-Way Driving Crashes in Alabama; Volume 1: Freeways and Volume 2: Divided Highways


Cellular Confinement Approach for the Improvement of Sediment Basin Effectiveness


Directional Rumble Strips for Reducing Wrong-Way Driving Freeway Entries


Effect of Lightweight Aggregate on Early-Age Cracking on Mass Concrete


Establishing Procedures and Guidelines for Pedestrian Treatments at Uncontrolled Locations


Evaluation of High-Rate Settling Technology for Sediment Control in Roadway Construction Sites


Experimental Validation of Analysis Methods and Design Procedures for Steel Pile Bridge Bents


Flat Slab Bridge Model for Permit Load Analysis


WIM-Based Live Load for Alabama Bridges


A Study of the Effects of Pavement Widening, Rumble Strips, and Rumble Stripes on Rural Highways in Alabama


Behavioral, Operational and Safety Effects of Red-Light Cameras at Signalized Intersections in Alabama


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