Project Title: Real-time Air Quality Sensing on Aircraft

oilAnticipated Outcome: Identification and enhancement of commercial off-the-shelf sensor technologies for application to real time measurements of air contaminants in aircraft (i) cabins, (ii) recirculation air systems and (iii) bleed air systems.

Project Summary: The unique environment of airliner cabins (high density of occupants, inability to leave the cabin, high altitude operation requiring a pressurized environment) presents both passengers and crew members with a range of air quality issues including: low humidity, low pressure, increased levels of carbon dioxide as well as ozone, contamination from various gaseous chemicals from aircraft operations including carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds plus potential infectious diseases. FAA regulations impose specific limits for carbon monoxide (FAR 25.831, 121.219 and 125.117), carbon dioxide (FAR 25.831) and ozone (FAR 25.832 and 121.578) in the air supply of aircraft. Commercially available air quality sensors are being tested and evaluated towards aircraft operations and re-engineered by ACER reseachers to provide robust, reliable performance in aircraft. Future air traveller can then be assured that compliance with the regulations is achieved.

Researcher Sensor
Research Team:

Auburn University
Boise State University

Recent Scientific Papers and Technical Reports:

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