Paper and Bioresources Scholarships

Scholarships range from $1000 to full in-state tuition (with exception of some lab fees outside your major, library and parking fines and other personal expenses incurred by you).

Your scholarship money will be posted to your account within about a week of the 15th class day. Because the Auburn Pulp & Paper Foundation sponsors an academic scholarship this scholarship is not prepaid. Each semester we review grades from the previous semester and review current class schedules to determine that each student has met scholarship requirements and the amount they are eligible to receive. You should receive a check or deposit to your account by the 25th class day. If you have not received your money by that date call the financial aid office.

Warning! Since payment is being issued after the beginning of the semester you will need to prepay your tuition. If you do not prepay, you will be assessed a late fee by the bursar's office, and your schedule may be deleted from the system.

Co-op Requirements

All scholarship recipients are required to co-op or complete one summer intern work experience with a pulp and paper manufacturer or an allied organization of the pulp, paper & bio-resource industry prior to beginning the junior year of studies. The work experience should provide some exposure to the practical application of the pulp and paper industry course work already completed or to be completed with the Auburn education. Failure to meet the approved work requirement may disqualify the student from receiving the APPF scholarship for that year. All pre-co-op students will only be paid for attending fall and spring semesters.

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Last Updated: May 09, 2017