Our Research

The center, which is hosted within the Department of Chemical Engineering,  has a complete, controlled-conditioned, wet-test laboratory for chemically and physically evaluating pulp and paper. We also have a pilot sized microfluidizer capable of producing both micro and nanofibrillated cellulose. Our research covers fundamental and applied research focused on industry needs, with emphasis on advanced manufacturing technologies and value-added byproducts. Our current research projects include:

Advanced manufacturing technologies:

Improved kraft pulping efficiency

Bleaching process intensification

Balance of pulping and refining for linerboard and medium fibers

Entrained air measurement and its application for brown stock washer control

Implementation of near-neutral chlorine dioxide brightening technology

Value-added byproducts:

Applying oxidation chemistry for lignin valorization

Conversion of mill sludge to lactic acid

Conversion of lignin to battery-grade graphite

NFC/MFC from non-wood fibers and paper mill waste for strength and barrier property enhancement, and for oil absorption

We also offer a range of research services to the pulp and paper and allied industries which may involve students from our program to get experience in these industry aligned research and testing projects.

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2017