Students and Faculty have access to state-of-the art experimental and computational facilities all located within Shelby Center, the home of the College of Engineering on Auburn's main campus.  These facilities allow students to have hands-on learning experiences in their classes or as part of undergraduate or graduate research.  Faculty and graduate students can conduct experiments related to their research.

ISE Computer Labs

General Description

The ISE computer labs include a “teaching lab” with 40 student stations, one instruction station, and a ceiling-mounted projection system and a “working lab” that includes 30 student stations. The computers, printers, and network components are managed and maintained by the College of Engineering’s Engineering Network Services group.

The labs both have card-swipe door locks and are available for student and classroom use 24 hours/day.

Computer Configuration

The systems in both labs are very similar. The specifications for the majority of the systems are given below (the minor differences in configurations come primarily from repairs).

Model Dell Optiplex 755
Processor Core Duo 2.00 GHz
Hard Drive 160 GB
Video Resolution 1280x1024
Monitor 17'' Flat-panel

Installed Software

The following software is currently installed on the systems in the ISE computer labs.

Title Description
Ansys 11.0 Computer-aided engineering technology and engineering design analysis software
AutoDesk Visualize, simulate, and analyze the real-world
jGrasp IDE (integrated development environment) supporting Java and C++ development.
BestFit Statistical distribution-fitting and analysis package
@ Risk Monte-Carlo simulation package
Arena Simulation package
Minitab 15 Statistical analysis software
Lingo 11.0 Mathematical programming language and solver
AMPL Mathematical programming language
Maple 10.0 Mathematical analysis package
Matlab R2009A Mathematical analysis package/programming language
SolidEdge ST Computer-aided design (CAD) package
Spss 16.0 Statistical analysis package
MasterCAM X3 Computer-aided manufacturing/NC code generation software package
Cygwin Unix-style toolkit
JAWS Text-to-speech software for blind or visually impaired individuals
Microsoft Office Office productivity suit

"Teaching lab" pictures

Teaching lab Teaching lab
View of the lab from the back Student workstations

Teaching lab

Instructor's workstation

"Working lab" pictures

Working lab Working lab
General view of the lab Workstations

Working lab

Individual workstation

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2014