Recent Ph.D. Theses

Doctorates Awarded 2012

  • Vishal Salian, “Understanding the Impact of Reaction Parameters on Macromolecular Structure, and the Binding and Transport Properties of Imprinted Crosslinked Polymers” (Byrne)
  • Hector Joaquin Galicia Escobar, “Advanced Monitoring and Soft Sensor Development with Application to Industrial Processes” (Wang)
  • Min Sheng, “Enhanced Heat Transfer Catalyst Structures for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis” (Tatarchuk)
  • Urvi Kothari, “Ethanol from Lignocellulosic Biomass: Deacetylation, Pretreatment, and Enzymatic Hydrolysis” (Lee)
  • Geyou Ao, “Liquid Crystalline Phase Behavior and Fiber Spinning of Double-Walled Stranded DNA Stabilized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Dispersions” (V.A. Davis)

    Doctorates Awarded 2011

    • Deborah B Bacik, “Incorporating Green Chemistry Principles in Heterogeneous Catalysis Operations” (Roberts)
    • Adam J. Byrd, “Hydrogen Production in Supercritical Water” (Gupta)
    • Priyanka Dhage, “Promoted ZnO Sorbents for Wide Temperature Range H2S and COS Removal from Fuel Reformates for Applications in Fuel Cells” (Tatarchuk)
    • Li Kang, “Bioconversion of Pulp and Paper Mills Sludge and Prehydrolysate Stream into Ethanol and Cellulase Enzyme” (Lee)
    • Naveed Ansari, “Understanding the Effect of Surface Topography on Stiction and Friction” (Eden)

    Doctorates Awarded 2010

    • Sandeep Kumar, "Hydrothermal Treatment for Biofuels: Lignocellulosic Biomass to BIoethanol, Biocrude, and Biochar" (Gupta)
    • Aimee Rae Poda, "Interfacial Engineering of MicroStructured Materials" (Ashurst)
    • Ganesh Prakashrao Sanganwar, "Environmentally Benign Mixing of Nanoparticles" (Gupta)

    Doctorates Awarded 2009

    • Adam Neil Anderson, Designer Silica Layers for Advanced Applications: Processing and Properties" (Ashurst)
    • Kimberly Ryanne Dial Noss, "The Rational Design of Recognitive Polymeric Networks for Sensing Applications" (Byrne)
    • Ryan Anthony Sothen, "Novel Packaging Designs for Improvements in AIr Filter Performance" (Tatarchuk)
    • Eric Amor Luna, "Improvement of Indoor Air Quality Through the Development of Polymeric Microfibrous Material" (Tatarchuk)
    • Norman E. Sammons, Jr., "A Framework for Optimal Biomass-Based Polygeneration Facility Product Allocation" (Eden)

    Doctorates Awarded 2008

    • Rajesh Gupta, "Alkaline Pretreatment of Biomass for Ehtanol Production and Understanding the Factors Influencing the Cellulose Hydrolysis" (Lee)
    • Ranjeeth Reddy Kalluri, "Microfibrous Entrapped Catalysts and Sorbents: Microstructured Heterogenous Contacting Systems with Enhanced Efficiency" (Tatarchuk)
    • Jeffrey Richard Seay, "A Methodology for Integrating Process Design Elements with Laboratory Experiemnts" (Eden)
    • Daniel Lawrence Obrzut, "Investigation of the Underlying Phenonmena of Precipitation in Supercvritical Antisolvent Processes" (Duke/Roberts)
    • Asa Dee Vaughan, "Reaction Analysis of Templated Polymer Systems" (Byrne)
    • Siddarth Venkatesh, "Biohybrid and Biomimetric Platforms for Programmable Therapeutic Delivery" (Byrne)
    • Gregory W. Donath, "Development and Application of the Surface Laser Induced Fluorescence Technique" (Duke)
    • Robert Rex Underwood Payne, "Electrochemical Characterization and Modeling of Fuel Cells via AC Impedance and Residence TIme Distribution" (Tatarchuk)

    Doctorates Awarded 2007

    • Madhu Anand, "Synthesis, Fractioinization, and Thin Film Processing of Nanoparticles Using the Tunable Solvent Properties of Carbon Dioxide Gas Expanded Liquids" (Roberts)
    • Fadwa T. Eljack, "A Property Based Approach to Integrated Process and Molecular Design" (Eden)
    • Zachery Ian Emerson, "Particle and Bubble Interactions in Flotation Systems" (Duke)
    • Byung-Hwan Um, "Optimization of Ethanol Production From Concentrated Substrate" (Hanley)

    Doctorates Awarded 2005

    • Kristie J. Bethune, "Bioremediation of Pentachlorophenol and Bleach Plant Effluent by Trametes versicolor and its Extracellular Fluid, Focused on Intermediates and Products Formed and the Role of Protein Binding of Chlorinated Compounds in a Two-Stage Reactor System" (Chambers)
    • Mukund R. Karanjikar, " Low Temperature Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide Using Microfibrous Entrapped Catalysts for Fire Mask Application" (Tatarchuk)
    • Amol Janardan Thote, "Molecular Bonding in Product Engineering" (Gupta)
    • Philip Wesley Bell, "Specific Interactions of Carbon Dioxide in Supercritical Fluid Processes and Nanoparticle Processing" (Roberts)
    • Tracey Lawrence Mole, " The Auburn Engineering Technical Assistance Program Investigation of Polyvinyl Alcohol Film Developments Pertaining to Radioactive Particle Decontamination and Industrial Waste Minimization" (Tarrer)
    • Ranjit Thakur, "Nanoparticles and Nanofibers Production Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide" (Gupta)
    • Yongming Zhu, "Bioconversion of Corn Stover into Value-Added Chemicalss: Dilute Sulfuric Acid Pretreatment, Xylo-oligosaccharides Production, and Lactic Acid Fermentation" (Lee)

    Doctorates Awarded 2004

    • Parag Garhyan, "Mathematical Modeling, Non-linear Investigation and Experimental Verification of Biochemical Processes" (Elnashaie)
    • Pradeep Prasad, "Circulating Fluidized Bed Reforming Process for Hydrogen Production from Methane" (Elnashaie)

    Doctorates Awarded 2003

    • Xiwen Huang, "Supercritical Fluids as Alternative Reaction Media for Fischer Tropsch Synthesis" (Roberts) 
    • Ryan Ashley Nickell, "Preparation and Characterization of Microfiber Based Electrodes for Cathodic Hydrogen Evolution" (Tatarchuk)

    Doctorates Awarded 2002

    • Pratibhash Chattapadhyay, "Supercritical CO 2 Based Production of Nanoparticles" (Gupta)
    • Muralikrishnan Gopalakrishnan, "Process Improvement through Process Integration" (El-Halwagi)
    • Qian Xiang, "Conversion of Lignocellulosic Substrate Intro Chemical - Kenetic Study of Dilute Acid Hydrolysis and Ligninutilization" (Lee)

    Doctorates Awarded 2001

    • Tonia Burk, "Surface Characterization and Interactions in a Dry Powder Inhalant Drug Delivery System" (Neuman)
    • Poongunran Muthukumaran, "Environmentally Benign Processing Using Supercritical Fluids" (Gupta)
    • Mahmoud Bahy Noureldin, "Simultaneous Design and Operation for Pollution Via Mass Integration" (El-Halwagi)
    • Sabita Roy, "Laser-Induced Fluorescence Studies of Gas Transfer at Bubble Surfaces" (Duke) 
    • Gerald Anthony Willing, "Investigation of Adhesion and Related Phenomena Utilizing Surface Force Techniques" (Neuman)
    • Philip Travis Woodrow, Jr., "Laser-induced Fluorescence Studies of Oxygen Transfer across an Air-water Interface" (Duke)
    • Philip Travis Woodrow, Jr., "Laser-induced Fluorescence Studies of Oxygen Transfer across an Air-water Interface" (Duke)

    Doctorates Awarded 2000

    • Todd Matthew Martin, "Chemical and Biological Protection Utilizing Microfibrous Material with Regeneration Via Thermal Swing Adsorption Process" (Roberts)
    • Yoonkook Park, "Depolymerization Reactions, Polymer Precipitation, and Chemical Equilibria in Supercritical Fluid Solvents" (Roberts)
    • Gautham Parthasarathy, "Mass Integration of Multicomponent Non-Ideal Systems with Phase Change" (El-Halwagi)
    • Mark Shelley II, "Product Allocation and Optimization for Hydrocarbon Processing" (El-Halwagi)
    • Jason B. Thompson, "Cosolvent and Cosurfactant Effects on Reverse Micelles in Supercritical Fluids" (Roberts)

    Doctorates Awarded 1999

    • Raja Amirthalingam, "Data-Based Design of an Inferential Control System for Chemical Reactions" (J. Lee)
    • Prashant Vaidyanathan Iyer, "Experimental and Modeling Investigations on Bioconversion of Lignocellulosic Materials to Lactic Acid", (Y.Y. Lee)
    • Russel Earl Hodges, "Applications of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in the Pulp and Paper Industry" (Krishnagopalan)
    • Jeffrey Todd Reaves, "Chemical Reactivity in Subcritical and Supercritical Fluid Solvents" (Roberts)
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