Recent MS Theses

MS Awarded 2012

  • Matthew Eggert, “Multi-Enzyme System for the Rapid Metabolism of Ethanol: Kinetics and Conjugation Within pH-Sensitive Hydrogel” (Chambers/Byrne)
  • Wen Jun Seeto, “Peptide-Grafted Hydrogel as Biomaterial for Endothelial Colony Forming Cells” (Lipke)
  • Samuel Chang, “Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Using PEG-Fibrinogen Hydrogel Microspheres” (Lipke)

MS Awarded 2011

  • Charles James White Jr, “Extended Release of Macromolecular Comfort Agents from Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses” (Byrne)

MS Awarded 2010

  • Fengming Huang, "Development of a Drop Tube Furnace for Visualization of Combustion of Fuel Particles" (Duke)

MS Awarded 2008

  • Stephen Tuin, "Visualization of Chlorella Algal Cells at Bubble Surfaces" (Duke)
  • Matthew Jay Kayatin, "Rhelology, Structure, and Stability of Carbon Nanotube - Unsaturated Polyester Resin Dispersion" (V. Davis)
  • Shanthi Murali, "Coupled Self-Assembly and Flow ALignment of SIlver Nanorods" (V. Davis)

MS Awarded 2007

  • Maryam Ali, "Therapeutic Contact Lenses for Comfort Molecules" (Byrne)
  • Hatem Harraz, "Radio Frequency Heating for Dehydration and Pest Control of In-Shell Peanuts" (Y. Wang)
  • Chan-kyu Kang, "Preliminary Study of Tribology: Uniform Control of the Density Control of the Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles on a Modified Silicon Surface" (Ashurst)
  • Daniel Mabry Kennedy, "Fuel Cell Cathode Air Filters: Methodologies for Design and Optimization" (Tatarchuk)
  • Matthew Evan Bernhart, "Characterization of Poultry Litter for Storage and Process Design" (Fasina/Lee)

MS Awarded 2006

  • Sahra Jinaki Colley, "Compaction of Switchgrass for Value Added Utilization" (Lee)
  • Roy W. Lightle, Jr. "Application of Near Infared Spectroscopy to Pulp Yield and Kappa Number Estimation" (Krishnangopalan)
  • Suma Peri, "Kinetic Investigation and Modeling of Cellulase Enzyme Using Non-Crystalline Cellulose and Cello-Oligosaccharides" (Lee)
  • Kristin Hew McGlocklin, "Economic Analusis of Various Reforming Techniques and Fuel Sources for Hydrogen Production" (Eden)
  • Kayoko Ono, "Membrane Separation in Supercritical Antisolvent Process for Nanoparticle Production" (Gupta)

MS Awarded 2005

  • Andrew Queen, "High Efficiency Absorbent Filters Via Packed Bed + Polishing Sorbent Architectures for Regenerable Collective Protection Equipment" (Tartarchuk)
  • Kellie Lynn Wade, "Study of Bacillus subtilis Endospore Interactions with a Gold Surface Using Atomic Force Microscopy" (Neuman)
  • Luckner Jean, "Effect of Process Parameters on Methanol to Olefins Reactions Over Sapo Catalysts" (Guin)
  • David P. Joiner, "Cellulose Digestibility, Ethanol Yield, and Lignin Recovery from Corn Stover Fractionated by a Two-Stage Dilute-Acid and Dilute-Alkaline Process" (Lee)

MS Awarded 2004

  • Haodi Dong, "Bioreactor Production of Probiotic Bacteria, Lactic Acid and Lactate Dehydrogenase by Fermentation of Lactobacillus acidophilus " (Chambers)
  • Jason Ham, "Enzyme Enhanced Deinking of Toner Inks" (Duke)
  • Johnathan E. Hall, "Environmental and Regulatory Challenges of Chemical Process Design" (Tarrer)
  • Abiola O. Oladapo, "Optimization of Gas Mask Performance Using Sintered Microfibrous Sorbent Media in a Polishing Filter Adsorbent Design" (Tatarchuk)

MS Awarded 2003

  • Zachery I. Emerson, "Visulization of Adhesive and Toner Ink Particles at Bubble Surfaces" (Duke)
  • Jeff B. Fowler, "Investigation of Sample Time for PC-Based Control Systems for a Single Tank and Two Tank System" (Tarrer)
  • Ping Liu, "Development and Characterization of Microfiber Based Hydrogen Sulfide Absorbent for Fuel Cell Applications" (Tatarchuk)
  • Anthony W. Martin, "Chemical and Biological Protection Utilizing Microfibrous Material with Regeneration Via Thermal Swing Adsorption Process" (Tatarchuk)
  • Patrick Q. Nguyen, "The Experimental Studies, Process Design and Simulation for the Manufacturing Process of Octahydro-Teramethyl Acetonaphtalenone" (Tarrer)
  • Daniel L. Obrzut, "Modifying SAPO-34 Molecular Sieves to Improve the Performance of the Methanol to Olefins Reaction and Explore Alternate Applications" (Guin)
  • Amendi P. Stephens, "Visualization of Particle Formation Processes in Supercritical Fluids" (Duke)
  • Raghu Viswanathan, "Production of Metal Oxide and Composite Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Using Supercritical Water" (Gupta)

MS Awarded 2002

  • Delphine R.M. Dubois, "Methanol to Olefins Conversion Over Modified Silicoaluminophosphate Molecular Sieves" (Guin)
  • Ian M. Glasgow, "Property Integration: Fundamentals and Applications of Resource Conservation in Papermaking" (El-Halwagi)
  • Joseph A. Jones, IV, "Transport of Neurotransmitters through Perfluoroionomeric Membranes" (Perusich)
  • Eva M. Lovelady, "An Integrated Approach to the Optimization of Water Usage and Discharge in Pulp and Paper Plants" (El-Halwagi)
  • Lakeshie Williams, "Mass Integration for Waste Utilization and Resource Conservation in Planetary Habitation Systems" (El-Halwagi)

MS Awarded 2001

  • Jing Liu, "Studies in Etherification Reactions Producing Oxygenates for Transportation Fuels" (Guin)
  • Tyson B. Myers, "Conventional and Model Predictive Control of a Two-Phase Heat Transfer Simulation" (Tarrer)
  • Marvin Key Warren, III, "Sitewide Analysis and Synthesis of Energy Utility Systems" (El-Halwagi)

MS Awarded 2000

  • Niru Balasubramanian, "Xylose Fermentation into Acetic Acid by Clostridium Thermoaceticum ATCC 49707" (Lee)
  • Bonifay, W. Jason, "On-line Optimization through Advanced Process Control Techniques" (Tarrer)
  • Khambaswadkar, Kedar Chandrakant, "Production and Growth of Silver Nanoparticles within Reverse Micelles in Liquids and Supercritical Fluids" (Roberts)
  • Samojedny, Scott Martin, "An Optimization of Study of a Fungal Bioreactor System for the Treatment of Kraft Mill Effluents and Its Application for the Treatment of TNT-containing Water" (Chambers)
  • Davies, Andrew P. H., "Visualization of Flexographic and Offset Ink at Bubble Surfaces" (Duke)
  • Ganesh Kumar Ramakrishnan, "Hindered Diffusion of Asphaltenes at Elevated Temperature and Pressure" (Guin)
  • Zhou, Renzhe, "Biodegradation of Pentachlorophenol by White-Rot Fungus Trametes Versicolor and Its Extracellular Enzymes" (Chambers)
  • Furqan Yusuf Shaikh, "Process Control Techniques Used in the Two Phase Heat Transfer Equipment" (Tarrer)

MS Awarded 1999

  • Anderson, Eric Curtis, "Thermoreversible Hydrogel Based Energy-efficient Water Separation in the Pulp and Paper Industry" (Gupta)
  • Borden, Jacob, "Simultaneous Saccharification/Fermentation of Cellulosic Substrate to Acetic Acid" (Lee, Y.Y.)
  • Camann, Joel D., "Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Processes" (Tarrer)
  • Duggar, Don Austin, "Enhanced Removal of Dissolved Inorganic and Organic Compounds from Brownstock Washers with the Aid of Washing Additives" (Krishnagopalan)
  • Iyer, Jayaram R., "Hydroprocessing Catalyst Development and Kinetic Studies in Upgrading Coprocessed Wastes to Clean Synthetic Fuels" (Guin)
  • Poole, Benjamin Allen, "Development of Composite Oxygen Electrode Material for Use in Zinc-Air Batteries and Zinc-Air/Ultracapacitor Hybrids for Pulse Power Devices" (Tatarchuk)
  • Sachan, Sunil, "Ionic Conductivity of Single-Ion Perfluorinated Ionomers in Non-Aqueous Solvents" (Perusich)
  • Sen, Suchira, "Modeling of a Modified Kraft Process" (Krishnagopalan)
  • Vadlamani, Suryakameswara R., "Effect of Temperature and Solvent Composition on the Diffusion Controlled Absorption Process" (Guin)
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