McLeod Outstanding Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Teaching Award

The McLeod Award recognizes outstanding teaching achievement by graduate students within the Department of Chemical Engineering.  It is given to the best graduate teaching assistants each calendar year and is based on a number of criteria relating to teaching effectiveness and impact on student development. The specific criteria are:

  • Excellence in Instruction and Instructional Techniques
  • Teaching Effectiveness, Strategies, and Creativity
  • Ability to Motivate and Instill Values Beneficial to Students
  • Impact on Undergraduate Students
  • Intellectual and Professional Development
  • Initiative and Timeliness on Projects
  • Scholarship in the Subject (particularly activities that have influenced or enhanced student learning)

The McLeod Award is the highest teaching distinction given by the Department of Chemical Engineering. It was started in 2005 by a gift from chemical engineering alumnus, Dr. Chandler McLeod. 


William Hand

Stephen Montgomery

Rajeshwar Chinnawar

Ricky Whitener


Robert Compton

Charlotte Stewart

Arianna Tieppo

Ricky Whitener


Daniel Horn

Shantanu Pradham

Zi Xiu Wang

Charles White


Hector Galicia

Alex Hodge

Courtney Ober

Hema Ramsurn


Geyou Ao

Hector Galicia

Alex Hodge

Charles C. Solvason


Robert Henderson

Joshua Jackson

Charles C. Solvason


Naveed Ansari

Zenda Davis

Hector Galicia

Matthew Kayatin


Adam Byrd

Matthew Kayatin

Steven Saunders

Charlie Solvason


Asa Vaughan

Siddarth Venkatesh

Last Updated: May 29, 2014