Ross Hall Departmental OfficesWe hope your visit to the web site is informative about your department, as well as evocative of the years you spent at Auburn.

Perhaps you can visit us in person, as well.  At Commencement we host a reception in the department.  Or perhaps you might join us during the Fall AIChE meeting.  At other times, if you happen to be near Auburn, please just "stop in".  We enjoy surprise visits as well as planned visits.

But don't wait for a visit to let us hear from you! We would like this page to be useful to you so let us know how we might improve it.

Tell us what you are doing, what you think of what we are doing, and your opinions on the state and prospects of chemical engineering. We'll be listening. Contact Us with news items for our next Departmental Newsletter!

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2012