Surface Chemical and Advanced Laser Spectroscopic Laboratories

The laboratory air is filtered and conditioned to constant temperature and humidity. Furthermore, studies in these laboratories are limited to surface and colloid science, thereby minimizing extraneous contamination. Specialized equipment for surface force studies include a custom-designed Surface Force Apparatus (SFA). Furthermore, the SFA has been incorporated into an advanced laser fluorescence apparatus for novel simultaneous surface force and in-situ laser spectroscopic measurements. A laminar flow hood and accessories are available to perform conventional surface force studies.

This facility is uniquely equipped for studies of surface and colloid science. Specialized equipment available includes a state-of-the-art laser light-scattering apparatus, one for surface studies and another for bulk studies. An advanced laser fluorescence apparatus has recently been assembled for surface mobility studies using the fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) technique. A very sensitive Langmuir-Adam film balance (sub-millidyne range) and a Wilhelmy-type film balance are available for surface thermodynamic and surface transport property measurements.

Specialized optical/electronic equipment available in this laboratory include three Lexel Model 95-4 argon ion lasers, Ortec photon counting system, Langley-Ford 256-channel digital correlator, Spectral Dynamics SD 375 spectrum analyzer, Anagrain optical imaging system, and high precision translators, rotators, tilt tables, mirrors and lens positioners. In addition, a Spectra-Physics pulsed Nd:YAG/dye laser system has been set up for laser-induced fluorescence and nonlinear optical (SHG) studies.

Equipment also available for elucidating the structure of surfactant aggregates in aqueous and nonaqueous media include a Perkin-Elmer Model 2380 atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Corona Wescan Model 232A molecular weight apparatus, Coulomatic Model 447 K-F Titrimeter, Brookhaven quasi-elastic light scattering apparatus with BI-200 SM goniometer and 128 channel BI-2030AT digital correlator, and Spex Fluorolog-2 Model F212 spectrofluorometer.

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2011