Pulp and Paper Engineering Laboratories

The Pulp and Paper Engineering Laboratory has a complete wet test laboratory for the chemical and physical property evaluation of pulp. Equipment in this area includes a Valley beater, British sheet mold, Tappi press, etc., a constant humidity, constant temperature room with necessary instruments for physical and optical property evaluation of paper is also available.

Some of the specialized research equipment includes a single vessel 6.5-liter laboratory digester and two-vessel laboratory digester system capable of partially simulating a continuous digester with recirculation pumps. The single vessel digester is equipped with a novel in-situ and on-line sampling and analysis system. In-situ analyzers include a Rosemount flow-through toroidal conductivity sensor/analyzer and a Micromotion density/mass flow meter. The on-line sampling and analysis system consists of two Waters Model 510 dual piston solvent delivery pumps, one Waters Model 481 variable wavelength detector, and one Waters Model 410 differential refractometer with external temperature control capability, a high pressure size exclusion chromatograph for the determination of lignin molecular weight, anion chromatograph for sulfide analysis and total organic carbon analyzer. In addition, off-line analysis systems available include liquid and gas chromatographs and an atomic absorption spectrophotometer.

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2011