Fuels Science Laboratories

Research in these labs focuses on the development of clean fuels and fuel additives as well as chemicals production from synthesis gas, methanol, and clean coal technology. Several catalytic flow tubular reactors are available designed for catalytic reaction studies at temperatures up to 500° C. One stainless steel reactor is capable of elevated pressure operation up to 20 bar, while the other reactor, a quartz tube unit, operates at atmospheric pressure. Both reactors are equipped with mass flow meters for gas flow measurement and syringe pumps for introduction of liquid reactants.

In addition, a high pressure (up to 150 bar) continuous flow catalytic reactor is available in the supercritical fluids laboratories. Analysis of collected reaction products can be performed by off-line gas chromatography (GC) using FID detectors. Other auxiliary equipment include several balances, ovens for catalyst calcinations, teflon lined Parr autoclaves for catalyst synthesis up to 200° C and 20 bar, centrifuges for solids separations, rotavaporizers for solvent recovery, and other miscellaneous laboratory equipment. Also available are high pressure batch autoclaves including a 1 liter stirred tank Parr autoclave reactor equipped with catalyst basket option, sampling valves and online GC analysis.

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2011