Biochemical / Biomass / Biotechnology Laboratories

These laboratories are equipped with walk-in refrigerated rooms and enclosed laminar hood, various types of high pressure solid/liquid flow through and batch reactors designed for thermo-chemical processing of solid substrates, microbial preparation equipment, bioreactors, and analytical instruments to determine cell concentrations, sugars, organic acids, alcohols, etc.

Reactors and processing units include Autoclave reactors and sterilizers (Yamato, Tettnauher), a Sorvall RC-3 centrifuge, several constant temp baths, Parr autoclave reactors (500 ml), high pressure bomb reactor (5,000 psi rating), and a high pressure reactor with view eell (6,000 psi rating).

Other available equipment include Incubator shakers, metering pumps, microcentrifuges, Rotavap (Buchi 461), NBS Bioflo C-30 Bioreactors, NBS Bioflo 3000 Bioreactor with pH, DO, Redox monitoring and control, and a NBS 14 Liter in-situ sterilizable fermenter.

Analytical instruments include: Several HPLCs for sugars, organic acids, and alcohols analysis, gas chromatograph with FID detection, a YSI 2300 GL glucose and lactate analyzer as well a CARY - 3E UV/VIS Scanning Spectrophotometer.

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2011