Pilot Paper MachineA wide variety of modern laboratories are available to meet the requirements of a broad range of experimental and academic research. Specialized items can be constructed rapidly at the machine shops in the department and college. Other university shops can provide electrical, metal, carpentry and glassblowing services. The department is supplied with specialized equipment for measurement, recording and analysis.

Special laboratories are equipped for research in biotechnology and bio-resources includes bio-processing, environmental biotechnology, fiber substitutes, bio-catalysis, bio-sensors and biomedical applications including advanced drug delivery systems. In the advanced energy resources and systems area, emphasis is on efficient production of ultra-clean fuels from renewable and conventional resources, mobile fuel processors, high performance energy conversion and storage systems, process efficiency and energy production. Synthesis and applications of molecularly and chemically engineered materials focus on microfibrous materials, nano-structured materials and nano-technology, nano-functional materials, bio-filtration, polymers, bio-polymers and sensors.

The department's research focus also includes the development of products, processes and services in a sustainable manner to improve the quality of life, the natural environment and the competitiveness of industry. Research in the area of sustainable engineering and green chemistry include waste minimization, resource conservation, process integration and optimization, recycle technologies, renewable resources, solvent selection and substitution.

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Last Updated: Oct 25, 2012