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Presenter Instructions

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations for the 2012 IEEE Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference will have a tentative allotted presentation time as follows:

    - Orals Presentation: 13 min. + 2 min. for questions (= 15 min. total)
    - Invited Orals: 25 min. + 5 min. for questions (=30 min. total)
    - Plenary: 50 min. + 5 min. for questions (= 60 min)

  • Your presentation must be compatible with PowerPoint 2007 or Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8 (or newer). We will be using Windows 7-based PC computers for presentations and we strongly suggest that you verify your file works properly on such platforms prior to arrival.
  • Oral talks are to be collected at the conference registration table via USB flash-drive, DVD, or CD. Please be pro-active and provide your presentation at the time of registration check-in. Presentations provided less than 2 hours prior to the start of the session including the presentation risk not being accepted. Presentations will NOT be accepted once the oral session has begun.
  • Please include your name and technical program session/paper ID (e.g. 1O7 or 5O4) in the name of your file to help us with the indexing.
  • Presentations must be run from the conference laptops (due to the limited time between talks, speakers will not be allowed to connect their personal laptop to the projector).
  • If your presentation includes graphs and equations, we recommend that you insert them as pictures to minimize problems.
  • Movies are often an issue because of the variety of file formats. Again, if you have a movie or animation to show, we suggest that you try them on standard Windows 7-based computers prior to your arrival at the conference. We will not load special drivers if your movie fails to run properly on our computers.
  • Please take advantage of the time during the break immediately preceding your oral session to go to the appropriate meeting room and meet with your Session Chair to introduce yourself, make sure the presentation file is in order, and familiarize yourself with the microphones, computer, slide advancer/laser pointer, timer/display, etc.
  • Please sit in the front rows of the meeting room during the entire session so that time between speakers can be minimized.
  • Please stick around until the end of the session in case attendees would like to contact you for further questions or discussions concerning your work.
  • Manuscripts will NOT be accepted for publication in the conference proceedings or in IEEE Xplore® if the oral presentation is not given by one of the authors (as identified in the abstract/manuscript) at the proper oral session.

Poster Presentations

  • You will need to bring a finished, printed version of your poster. We will NOT be able to print posters at the conference.
  • Posters are expected to be presented during the day and time designated in the Program Booklet. Please review your Program Booklet for the designated meeting room information for your poster presentation.
  • Each poster is assigned a number in the Technical Program and you will need to mount your poster on the appropriately indexed and identified board at the conference.
  • Your printed poster presentation must fit on a poster board that is set for you.
  • Poster board is 4' x 8' (1.219 x 2.438 meters) (height = 4’ x width = 8’) with usable space of 3.5' x 7.8' (1.067 x 2.377 meters) - see picture below.
  • You will need to place your poster presentation using sticking pins that will be available to you.
  • Posters may be setup starting in the morning the day of your poster session for pre-review and should be completely set up no later than 1:00 PM that day.
  • You or one of your co-authors of the presentation is expected to be in attendance and remain at your poster for the duration of the session (1:30 to 3:00 PM).
  • Posters should be removed by 6:00 pm the day of your session.
  • Manuscripts will NOT be accepted for publication in the conference proceedings or in IEEE Xplore® if a poster is not presented AND attended by one of the authors (as identified in the abstract/manuscript) at the proper session

Paper Submission Deadline
is June1, 2014

Paper Submission is now open

Other announcements will be posted regularly, so please check back

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