Conference Personnel




General Conference Chair

Frank Hegeler

Naval Research Laboratory/ CTI

Technical Program Chair

Richard Ness

Ness Engineering

Conference Treasurer

Greg Dale

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Publications Chair

Enis Tuncer

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Publicity Chair

Hulya Kirkici

Auburn University

Exhibits Chair

Scott Kovaleski

University of Missouri-Columbia

Industrial Advisory Committee Chair

Larry Cagle

HV Component Associates/ CKE/ HV PSI

Professional Awards Chair

Stuart Moran

Naval Surface Warfare Center - Dahlgren

Student Awards/ Travel Grant Chair

Ray Allen

Naval Research Laboratory

Visa Assistance

J├╝rgen Kolb

Old Dominion University

Overseas Conf. Attendance Chair

Chunqi Jiang

University of Southern California

   China Conf. Attendance Chair

Jianjun Deng

Institue of Fluid Physics,CAEP

   France Conf. Attendance Chair Bruno Cassany CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission
    Germany Conf. Attendance Chair Jens Seifert LAPP Insulators GmbH

    Japan Conf. Attendance Chair

Hidenori Akiyama

Kumamoto University

   Russia Conf. Attendance Chair Valentin Smirnov

Russian Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute"

   South Korea Conf. Attendance Chair

Sang Nam

Pohang Accelerator Laborator

    UK Conf. Attendance Chair

Bucur Novac

Loughborough University

Employment Assistance Chair

Jennifer Zirnheld

University at Buffalo

Conference Webmaster

Drew Smith

Auburn University

Conference Design Artist

Wally Ridgway

Auburn University

IEEE DEIS Meetings Chair

Resi Lloyd


Executive Committee Chair

Hulya Kirkici

Auburn University