Chi Epsilon 2007-2008 Officers
Position Person Responsibilities
President David Graham
  • Help to maintain and promote good working relations between officers
  • Oversee all activities of Chi Epsilon
  • Delegate tasks to officers to ensure completeness of events
  • Prepare candidate invitation list for pledge classes
  • E-mail actives, faculty, pledges to announce Chi Epsilon events
  • Develop Chi Epsilon Calendar
  • Represent Chi Epsilon at University Events
  • Promote the growth of Auburn Chapter of Chi Epsilon
Vice President Aaron Folta
  • Serve as President in his or her absence
  • Assist President when necessary
  • Tag team with President in representing Chi Epsilon at university events
  • Plan FE review sessions and other Special projects
Secretary Melanie Limerick
  • Write minutes for officer and active meetings and take attendance
  • Correspondence with nationals and external parties
  • Completion of forms for initiates
  • Ensure complete officer turnover
  • Distribute forms, etc. to officers and actives
Treasurer Ji Woltman
  • Monitor financial well-being of Chi Epsilon accounts
  • Reimbursement of all Chi Epsilon activities and expenses
  • Paying bills and balancing the books
  • Collection of dues and depositing into accounts

Associate Editor of Transit

Newsletter/ Publicity


Jenna Michael


  • Prepare and submit all necessary documentation as requested by the national office
  • Submit article to Transit as requested by the national office
  • Make programs, invitations and certificates for Initiation Banquet
  • Prepare and post fliers for Chi Epsilon events
  • Send out invitation letters to candidates at the beginning of each semester
  • Order food and drink for active meetings
  • Take pictures at Chi Epsilon events


Corbitt Tate

  • Make all necessary room reservations for all Chi Epsilon events (meetings, banquet, initiation, etc.)
  • Arrange initiation, and banquet
  • Prepare everything for the banquet including the list of people attending
  • Be the perfect host/hostess
Advisor Robert W. Barnes
  • Over sees the well-being of Chi Epsilon