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Visit to Georgia Navigator Transportation Management Center, Atlanta, GA (November 4, 2010) - A group of student members visited the Georgia Navigator Center, which oversees ITS applications in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, as well as other ITS deployments throughout the state. The group received a tour of the facility and learned how the Georgia Department of Transportation uses real-time traffic data displayed on variable message boards and integrates it for the state 511 system and the Georgia Navigator website. The visit also included a demonstration of the capabilities of the Georgia Highway Emergency Response Operators (HERO) vehicle.


October 28, 2010 - The guest speaker was Gary Moore from the Alabama Department of Transportation. He gave a presentation, titled “ALDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems,” on the deployed ITS infrastructure throughout the state of Alabama. The presentation highlighted the ITS deployment in the Muscle Shoals area, as well as the Greater Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile Metropolitan areas in addition to other small areas throughout the state.


October 21, 2010 - The current president of the Alabama Section of ITE, Dennis Dickey, came to discuss the emergency vehicle preemption that is currently in place in Birmingham. Richard Caudle from ALSITE also came to administer the Traffic Bowl qualifying round for the 2011 Southern District of ITE Annual Meeting in April 2011.


September 30, 2010 - Two graduate students presented findings from independent studies they completed. First was Christopher Wilson, who presented “Bicycle Facility Planning: Improvements to Auburn University's Bicycle Facility Network,” which looked at the cost of upgrading, and in some places adding, bicycle facilities to some of the outlying areas of Auburn University. The study looked into the overall cost for each corridor that would be potentially beneficial to bicyclists that attend Auburn University. The second presentation was given by Derek Holman, who presented “A Microsimulation Model of Donahue Drive,” which showed the improvements done to Donahue Drive over the summer of 2010, including realignment of one cross street and the addition of a raised pedestrian crosswalk at what is now Thach Concourse. The presentation also showed the potential changes being discussed for Donahue Drive, including a push button pedestrian signal for Thach Avenue.


September 2, 2010 - Two undergraduate students presented their findings from a joint study they conducted and completed. Ryan Bogan and Nathan Poole presented, “Intersection Analysis & Modeling.” They used Synchro with SimTraffic to analyze traffic and signal timings around Village Mall in the Auburn/Opelika area. They discussed potential changes to signal timings and groupings that would improve the traffic flow in that area. This meeting was also the first meeting of the school year, with the purpose of acquainting student members with new officers. Discussing plans for the Fall and Spring semesters was done in this meeting.


July 29, 2010 - Todd A. Storey, assistant airport director of the Auburn University Regional Airport, came to discuss the history of the airport, its physical characteristics, and the plans for a new terminal building.


June 9-11, 2010 - Chris Key talked to the Transportation Design Project Course about using the integrated storm and sanitary sewer design capabilities found in Bentley MicroStation. The presentation was informative in showing the different features and applications that MicroStation has.


April 15, 2010 - Plans were made for an upcoming trip generation study. The study was held before the conclusion of the semester at the Academy Sports parking lot in Auburn, AL.


2010 SDITE Annual Meeting, Portsmouth, Virginia (April 12-14, 2010) - The chapter had the privilege to represent the Alabama Section in the William G. Temple Scholarship Challenge at the Southern District ITE annual meeting. The team members were Bill Minor, Hayley Cole, Daniel Evans, and Kevin Pugh.


April 9, 2010 - John D’Arville and Stan Biddick from the Alabama Department of Transportation spoke to students on the visualization of roadway projects for public presentation. The visualization is achieved through a program which gives owners and the general public an exact view of the proposed project upon completion of construction. The state of the art technology has proven to be successful in legal issues, as well as in project development stages.


March 25, 2010 - For this monthly meeting, the featured speaker was Dr. Michael Clay who is the current director of the Auburn University Urban Modeling Lab. Dr. Clay’s lecture, entitled “The Interconnection between Land Use and Transportation,” discussed the problems that past planning attempts had caused in major urban areas due to what is commonly known as “urban sprawl.” He discussed his new ways of modeling future transportation planning efforts in order to restore a conventional city center and alleviate some of the traffic problems created by the suburban commuters.


March 10, 2010 - Student chapter members attended the Alabama Section of ITE (ALSITE) meeting that was held at the Hyundai plant in Montgomery, Alabama. William Minor, the Chapter President at that time, gave a presentation about “Civil and Transportation Engineering Education for Elementary School Students.” Also, the student members went on a tour of the plant and received an up-close view of the automobile manufacturing process.


February 11, 2010 -This was the first meeting of the calendar year for the ITE student chapter. No speaker was enlisted for this meeting; general discussions of scholarships and upcoming chapter activities were carried out.