Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Business Essentials for Engineering Professionals (BEEP)

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Introductory Course: Number to People (V16A) Instructor: Davis M. Woodruff, PE, CMC 2 hours This course looks first at the reasons technical experts fail in making the transition and then explores what can be done to help a person have a successful leap to leadership and management.

Business Ethics I (V10D) Instructor: Dr. William Sauser 3 hours To avoid common ethical pitfalls, participants will learn about several recent breaches and the standards which define ethical behavior. Examples of business challenges are presented as well as practical ideas for making ethical business decisions every day.

Decision-making Using Business Metrics (V14P) Instructor: Dr. Daniel Butler 3 hours The application of metrics will help you make better decisions. Learn how to develop basic metrics to assist in quantifying trends, explaining phenomena, diagnosing causes, sharing findings and projecting results of future events. These metrics include internal (company) and external (market) analytics; also forward- and backward-looking analytics.

Essential Financial Skills I (V14K) Instructor: Dr. John Jahera 3 hours Managers and other decision makers should have the ability to understand and implement various financial tools in business. This course will equip participants with the knowledge required to analyze various cash flows, interpret the main financial statements, create and utilize budgets and calculate pertinent metrics to create a useful financial dashboard.

Essential Financial Skills II (V14T) Instructor: Dr. John Jahera 3 hours Now that you acquired the financial basics in Module I, you are now ready to explore more in-depth financial concepts including capital expenditures and investments, ratio analysis, time value of money, breakeven analysis and sources of capital; all of which will assist in making decisions about the economic viability of projects and other business decisions.

Project Management (V14N) Instructor: Dr. Mark Clark 3 hours Keeping projects on time and under budget is paramount in an organization. Participants will learn how to manage a wide range of projects, regardless of their discipline. You will be able to correctly define project activities and stages, properly sequence activities and define critical paths, calculate schedule/cost variance and performance indicators during the execution phase as well as the cost estimate and completion time at any point during a project.

Risk Management Essentials (V16B) Instructor: Davis Woodruff 2 hour  In its simplest form risk management involves identifying known potential hazards (risks), applying sound engineering or other principles to mitigate or eliminate the risks and follow up to insure the risks are minimized or eliminated.  It is intended to provide an understanding of risk management principles by looking into the inputs and outputs of an effective risk management process while briefly overviewing several risk management tools.

Selling and Negotiating for Technical Professionals (V14L) Instructor: Dr. Daniel Butler 3 hours Selling and negotiating are things one does every day. Participants in this course will learn how to successfully sell their ideas across the wide range of individuals and groups encountered on a daily basis. This course provides an overview of the selling process and factors that impact its effective use with an emphasis on negotiating. Specific tools are demonstrated which will assist you in becoming more persuasive in your organization.

Technically Speaking: Presentation Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals (V12K) Instructor: Deborah Boswell 2 hours The best projects and ideas will never succeed without good communication skills. This course will help you effectively communicate technical information to a non-technical audience. Various methods will be utilized to analyze an audience and participants will learn the importance of using visual aids (such as PowerPoint) to create an engaging discussion and achieve the desired outcome.

Technically Speaking Part 2: Leadership Essentials for Engineering Professionals (V14H) Instructor: Deborah Boswell 2 hours Your technical expertise might have landed you a promotion but now you need to learn the leadership skills necessary to become a successful supervisor or manager. Topics will cover managing nonverbal messages, determining priorities that align with an organization’s structure and how to expand one’s operational, strategic and personal network.

Writing Effectively: Written Communication Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals (V14A) Instructor: Dr. Michelle Sidler 2 hours Sometimes you must communicate your message or your idea in writing rather than verbally. Participants will learn how to communicate in writing with both non-technical personnel and stakeholders who must be informed or persuaded. By following the correct writing process, students will learn different methods of communicating with various audiences and the appropriate writing style for specific situations.

**Does not meet the criteria for CE credit in New York State

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