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Department of Industrial Engineering Plans Name Change

The Department of Industrial Engineering plans to change its name to the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, effective summer quarter.
"We believe the new name will better convey to prospective students and employers the changing nature of industrial engineering and the role of industrial engineers in many organizations," said V.E. Unger, professor and head of the department.
"Although the name change will not result in any new degree programs, it should help us attract more students into the program and expand employment opportunities for our graduates."
The practice of industrial engineering has broadened beyond the traditional manufacturing setting to areas such as transportation, banking, retailing, lodging, hospitals, telecommunications, government, service and other non-manufacturing organizations, Unger said.
For example, the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) reports that less than 50 percent of its members work in manufacturing industries.
IIE members now hold such non-traditional job titles as systems engineer, management systems manager, operations research analyst, systems integrator, manager of operations, health systems consultant, human factors manager, engineering economist, transportation analyst, and simulation engineering manager.
IIE's definition of industrial engineering states that industrial engineering is concerned with the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, equipment and energy.
The systems that industrial engineers deal with range from manufacturing and quality systems to operating systems, transportation and distribution systems, and hospital and health systems.
"Many of our graduates are employed in non-manufacturing organizations including Electronic Data Systems, Atlanta Gas Light, Alabama Power, Southern Company, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Southern Bell, BellSouth, NASA, Florida Public Service Commission, Sun Health, Anderson Consulting, Texas Workers Compensation Commission, Grady Health Systems, and CAPS," Unger said.
"Several hold principal positions in management consulting firms, utility companies and telecommunication companies."
Other industrial engineering departments in the United States have changed their names to the department or school of industrial and systems engineering to recognize the broader application of industrial engineering.
In the Southeast, the list includes the University of Alabama­Huntsville, Georgia Institute of Technology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and the University of Florida.
The name change was approved by the university's board of trustees at the group's winter quarter meeting. Obtaining approval of the Alabama Commission on Higher Education is the last step in the name change process, Unger said.

Industrial Engineering Departments with Similar Name Change

Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Northeastern University
Department of Industrial Engineering and Information Systems

Northwestern Illinois University
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Ohio State University
Department of Industrial, Welding and Systems Engineering

University of Alabama­Huntsville
Department of Industrial Systems Engineering

University of Arizona
Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering

University of Central Florida
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems

University of Florida
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

University of Massachusetts
Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

University of Nebraska
Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

University of Southern California
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Industrial Systems Engineering Department

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