100 Women Strong awards inaugural fellowships

Published: Aug 4, 2015 12:00:00 AM
Media Contact: Austin Phillips, adp0019@auburn.edu,

Jenna Klemkowsky, a graduate student in aerospace engineering, and Dourna Jamshideasli, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, are the inaugural recipients of the 100 Women Strong Helping Hands Annual Fellowship.

These fellowships are awarded to students who are enrolled or have been accepted into the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering graduate program, and have been recommended by their respective departmental graduate program officer or chair.
“Our diversity initiatives, such as the 100 Women Strong program, are vitally important to me and the vision of the college,” said Christopher B. Roberts, dean of Auburn Engineering. “These fellowships to two deserving graduate students will provide valuable research and educational assistance to our faculty, thus enhancing the engineering experience within the college.”

The 100 Women Strong program is made up of alumni and friends who embrace a vision to provide resources and programming to enable the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering to attract, support and reward female students in engineering.

100 Women Strong strives to retain female engineers through mentoring programs with female professionals in the engineering field. The program also rewards top engineering students through scholarship funding.

For more information about the 100 Women Strong program, visit eng.auburn.edu/giving/areas/100-women-strong.