Chattahoochee Valley Foundation awards engineering student scholarships

Published: Apr 9, 2014 7:50:00 AM
Media Contact: Megan Burmester,, 334.844.2220

The WestPoint fund at the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley has made a  grant donation toward student scholarships for the Department of Polymer and Fiber Engineering at Auburn University. The generous gift was given through the foundation by L. Dupuy Sears after the department applied through a proposal process. Students in the Department of Polymer and Fiber Engineering will be able to further their education and take advantage of opportunities the foundation’s scholarship provides.

“As a student, I am encouraged to work hard, and thanks to the foundation’s scholarship, I feel appreciated and that my hard work is paying off. It is also a great help to me financially, and helps me to continue to pursue a quality education,” said Julie Scott, a senior in polymer and fiber.

The polymer and fiber engineering curriculum stresses the fundamentals of engineering, behavior of polymeric materials, polymer processing and fiber reinforced polymer composite materials. The fiber option focuses on the engineering of fibrous structures and the mechanics of flexible structures. The curriculum includes coursework in fiber-reinforced materials, engineered fibrous structures, protective materials and the fundamentals of polymers. The polymer option include both man-made materials, such as polypropylene, and biological materials such as proteins and polysaccharides. With a strong basis in chemistry, the polymer option includes the processing  and characterization of polymers, as well as polymer synthesis and materials from renewable resources.