Agrawal awarded Best Paper Award for wireless network research

Published: Apr 18, 2013 12:00:00 PM
Media Contact: Morgan Stashick, , 334-844-3591


Prathima Agrawal, director of Auburn University’s wireless engineering program, along with Alireza Babaei, former post-doctoral fellow in Auburn’s Wireless Engineering Research and Education Center, and Bijan Jabbari, professor of electrical and computer engineering at George Mason University, have received the best paper award from the Journal of Communications and Networks for their paper, “Capacity Bounds in Random Wireless Networks.” The team will receive the award at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers annual Conference on Communications on June 10 in Budapest, Hungary.

In mobile wireless networks, users change their locations randomly, and a realistic model for wireless networks must take into account this random spatial geometry. Agrawal and her team used a Poisson spatial model, a statistical model that can be used to describe the spontaneous locations of mobile wireless users, to study the desired characteristics of the wireless signal and the user’s effect on the capacity of wireless links. The results provide new insights on the capacity of wireless links in random Poisson networks.