Polymer and fiber engineering to host seminar on energy systems

Published: Oct 5, 2010 9:00:00 AM
Media Contact: Sally Credille, src0007@auburn.edu, 334-844-3447

Wei Zhan, faculty member in chemistry and biochemistry at Auburn University, will talk on lipid-based light energy converting systems, solar energy conversions and how dependence can be cut from fossil fuels on Tuesday, Oct. 5, at 2 p.m. in 104 Textile Building. His seminar is hosted by Auburn’s Department of Polymer and Fiber Engineering.

Zhan’s research includes solar energy conversion, bioanalytical chemistry and materials chemistry. Zhan will discuss an approach to building a modular thin-film photoconversion model system using solid-supported lipid structures. This system uses the versatile assembly of phospholipids in water, providing an alternative approach to modular photoelectrochemical cell design.

Zhan holds a doctorate from Texas A&M University. He completed post-doctoral work at the University of Texas-Austin.

Contributed by Elizabeth Mahaney