Computer science and software engineering to host speaker from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Published: Oct 5, 2010 11:00:00 AM
Media Contact: Sally Credille,, 334-844-3447

Rich Graham, research scientist with Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s application performance tools group will present “Message Passing Interface Meets Exascale,” a talk on innovations in mobile, pervasive and agile computing, on Wednesday, Oct. 6, at 11 a.m. in 1120 Shelby Center. His lecture is hosted by Auburn University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, as part of faculty member Sanjeev Baskiyar’s course on advanced computer systems.

Message passing interface (MPI) is the dominant application in high-performance computing that allows computers to communicate with each other. Graham’s seminar will discuss changes being considered by the Oak Ridge MPI forum and specific changes that should be addressed.

Graham is co-founder of the Open MPI consortium and serves as chair of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s MPI-3 Forum. He holds a doctoral degree in computational chemistry from Texas A&M University.

Contributed by Elizabeth Mahaney