Cerkez selected as polymer and fiber outstanding international grad student

Published: Apr 30, 2010 1:00:00 PM
Media Contact: Sally Credille, src0007@auburn.edu, 334-844-3447

Idris Cerkez, doctoral student in Auburn University's Department of Polymer and Fiber Engineering, was recently chosen as the 2010 Outstanding International Graduate Student in Polymer and Fiber Engineering. A citizen of Turkey, Cerkez is working under faculty member Roy Broughton on the project "Designing and Manufacturing of Nonwoven Insulation Composite Materials for Construction Applications," which is a collaborative study between polymer and fiber engineering and Auburn's Department of Building Science. The project proposes using composite panels as replacement for interior wallboard or exterior sheathing in wood frame construction. Throughout this study, Cerkez has been producing composite panels consisting of nonwoven fibrous material and binder fiber to optimize density, strength and void spaces in the structure for better thermal insulation and strength.