Chemical engineering professor joins editorial boards

Published: Dec 4, 2009 12:55:00 PM
Media Contact: Sally Credille,, 334.844.3447

Mark Byrne, Mary and John Sanders Associate Professor in Auburn University's Department of Chemical Engineering, is now serving the editorial boards of two scientific journals - the Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition and the Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology (JDDST).

The Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition circulates information about research on polymeric biomaterials and the mechanics of interaction between biomaterials and living organisms. The journal provides information on drug delivery, tissue engineering and large molecules in living organisms. JDDST is an international journal that deals with pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, drug delivery and drug targeting. It is the scientific journal of the Association de Pharmacie Gale?nique Industrielle in France, the Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology in Japan and the Associazione Docenti e Ricercatori Italiani di Techologie e Legislazione Farmaceutiche in Italy.

Byrne joined the Auburn faculty as an assistant professor in chemical engineering in 2004 and became an associate professor in 2008. He is co-director of the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates program in micro and nanostructured materials, therapeutics and devices. He holds a bachelor's degree from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as a master's and doctoral degree in chemical engineering from Purdue University. Byrne's research interests include the development of biomaterials and medical devices, drug delivery, polymer synthesis, bionanotechnology, functional intelligent polymeric films and networks, therapeutic and diagnostic biomedical devices, nucleic acid aptamers and siRNA. He is the founder and chief technical officer of OcuMedic, Inc.

Contributed by Cassity Hughes