Yilmaz publishes text on intelligent agent software, simulation and systems engineering

Published: Nov 3, 2009 8:01:00 AM
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Yilmaz bookLevent Yilmaz, a faculty member in the departments of Computer Science and Software Engineering and Industrial and Systems Engineering, has recently co-authored a book, Agent-Directed Simulation and Systems Engineering, along with T.I. Ören, professor at the University of Ottawa and director of the Mcleod Institute for Simulation Sciences.

The book provides insights into various aspects of intelligent agent software as they relate primarily to modeling, simulation and systems engineering. It will be used as a textbook at Auburn in spring 2010, as well as other schools, such as Virginia Tech, Old Dominion University and the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center.

Terms such as intelligent agent have broad connotations and are useful for socially important activities, including building communities of interest, organizing conferences and successfully communicating with the nontechnical lay person. However, imprecise terminologies need to be given greater definitiveness so that critical concepts can be delineated and clarified, thereby allowing the field to move forward on a sounder foundation. To address this need, the book opens with a chapter that provides an integrative and comprehensive view of modeling and simulation, laying the basis for the rest of the book. Interspersed in the sequel are chapters that provide similarly foundational discussions of agent concepts, systems engineering and the application of each one of these areas to the other.

The text is part of the Wiley Series in Systems Engineering and Management. More than half of the chapters are authored or co-authored by Yilmaz and Ören, while the remaining chapters are contributed by leaders in the modeling and simulation discipline.