Thomas Walter Center director ranked in technology management journal's top 25 hottest articles

Published: Nov 12, 2008 7:10:22 AM
Media Contact: Sally Credille,, 334.844.3447

Paul Swamidass

Paul Swamidass

Paul Swamidass, director of Auburn University's Thomas Walter Center for Technology Management and professor of operations management, has earned two spots in High Technology Management Research's "Top 25 Hottest Articles."

His article, "Strategic alliance termination and performance: The role of task complexity, nationality and experience," co-authored with colleagues from the City University of New York (CUNY) and George Washington University, is ranked 19. The article examines the role of task complexity, nationality, prior alliance experience and disparity in alliance experience in strategic alliance termination and performance. It was published in the journal's January 2008 issue.

An additional article co-authored by Swamidass, "Motivations for strategic alliances in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry: Some new findings," was published in August 2004 and is ranked 25 of 25. In the pharmaceutical industry, strategic alliances extend worldwide. In this study, he investigates motivations for strategic alliances among small and large licensees and licensors. A conclusion of this study shows that the theory of strategic behavior and the theory of synergy, along with firm size and ownership of technology, are collectively able to explain strategic alliances in this industry.

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