Lall receives grants from NASA, NSF

Published: Mar 4, 2008 2:01:25 PM
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Pradeep Lall

Pradeep Lall

Pradeep Lall, Thomas Walter professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and associate director of the Center for Advanced Vehicle Electronics (CAVE), has recently been awarded two competitive grants in the area of integrated vehicle health electronics.

"Dr. Lall has been prolific in terms of competitively obtained research contracts, building an international reputation," said David Dyer, chair of the department. "The quality of the research program is reflected in the placement of Lall's graduate students who have joined Fortune500 companies, including Intel Corporation, Dell Computer Corporation, Spansion and Amkor Technology."

The first grant was awarded in response to a proposal submitted under a NASA Research Announcement in the general area of integrated vehicle health monitoring. The research award is for $450,000 over three years. Lall's research focuses on the development of systems capable of providing the leading indications of system failure.

The second award is a one-year $50,000 grant from the National Science Foundation in the area of health monitoring of implantable biological electronic devices. The research focuses on the development of methodologies for pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Medtronic, Inc., one of the leading makers of implantable electronics, has expressed interest in exploring the implementation of the proposed techniques.

Lall has developed an innovative research program in the area of prognostics and has been successful in garnering several past research awards in the field. He has worked in the general area of prognostics and health monitoring for the past several years and has published extensively on the subject in both conferences and in journals. He gave a keynote address on the subject of prognostics based on computational and experimental techniques in shock environments at the EuroSIME'07 Conference in London, U.K.