Engineering faculty member Juan Gilbert named CGS fellow

Published: Feb 16, 2008 1:00:00 AM
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Source: AU Report

Juan Gilbert

Juan Gilbert

The AU Center for Governmental Services, a part of University Outreach, has named Juan Gilbert of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering as the center's 2007-08 fellow. The CGS Fellows program recognizes experienced practitioners, academicians and researchers for their significant contributions to excellence in government.

"CGS fellows utilize their expertise to engage in research while increasing funding opportunities that will improve the quality of public policy for the state of Alabama," said CGS Director Don-Terry Veal. "Dr. Gilbert will utilize his cutting-edge scholarship in technology to advance the IT component of CGS to improve the use of technologies in government. His research will also complement the efforts of CGS designed to increase transparency in government."

Gilbert is the T-SYS Distinguished Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at Auburn University. He also directs the Human-Centered Computing Lab at AU.

As a CGS fellow, Gilbert will focus on imple¬menting voting technologies such as the "Everyone Counts" online system, and he will continue work of other technology-based methods for improving participation in the election process. He will also concentrate on developing informa¬tion technology programs for municipalities and counties which will be implemented through CGS as part of its client support services.

Gilbert, who recently was named a national role model by Minority Access Inc., has received national attention in his field and in the news media for his research in Spoken Language Systems, Advanced Learning Technologies, User Interfaces (Usability), and Ethnocomputing (Culturally Relevant Computing).

He has published more than 50 articles and his research at Auburn has generated more than $2 million dollars in competitive grants. He serves on the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors and is the column editor for the society's "Broadening Participation in Computing" series.