Graduate students to lead next wireless seminar

Published: Oct 24, 2007 1:30:37 PM
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The Wireless Engineering Research and Education Center (WEREC) fall seminar series continues Friday, Oct. 26, at 3 p.m. in Broun Hall 235. The seminar will include lectures by two wireless engineering graduate students, Srivathsan Soundararajan and Pratap Prasad.

Soundararajan, a research assistant under WEREC director Prathima Agrawal, focuses his work on WiMAX based hybrid wireless networks. He will discuss this research, and will analyze a scheduling algorithm that was designed and its effect on the overall network performance.

Prasad is a doctoral student in the electrical and computer engineering, where he researches routing and energy issues in sensor and mesh networks. In his portion of the seminar, Prasad will discuss micro-server architecture for energy reduction in hierarchical sensor networks. He will show that a two-tier architecture with the ultra wide bandwidth (UWB) node can reduce the energy consumed even with node mobility and failures. This extends longevity of the sensor network and introduces heterogeneity in radio links in the network. This work will provide some insight into effects of node mobility on cluster formation and overheads in UWB-sensor data traffic.