Auburn researchers receive NSF grant for studio-based computing education research

Published: Oct 23, 2007 9:56:12 AM
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Hari Harayanan

N. Hari Narayanan

N. Hari Narayanan, professor in the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering, is collaborating with colleagues at the Washington State University and the University of Hawaii to study a novel way of teaching computing concepts to undergraduates, called studio-based instruction. The project is supported by a two-year grant to the three universities from the National Science Foundation, totaling almost $550,000.

"Studio-based instruction is adapted from design-oriented disciplines, such as architecture, and is aimed at empowering students to learn collaboratively," says Narayanan. "We are looking forward to our work on this project, as well as the collaboration we will have with the other two universities, and eventually computing educators across the country."

At Auburn, Narayanan is working with Margaret Ross, associate professor in the Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Technology, and Dean Hendrix, associate professor in the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering, to test the efficacy of studio-based learning in undergraduate courses over the next two years.

Researchers will compare results from Auburn with those from Washington State and Hawaii. They will then work with those institutions to build a national network of educators interested in applying studio-based teaching in their classrooms. They also plan to organize regional and national workshops and create a web-based community support system for computing faculty interested in this approach.