VP of Research Excited About Park's Possibilities

Published: Jul 12, 2007 1:00:00 AM
Media Contact: Erin Bock ,

For some Auburn residents, the new Auburn Research Park might seem like nothing more than a sign and a bunch of orange barrels, but for Dr. Ralph Zee, it means so much more.

"I'm very excited, " said Zee, "We're working pretty hard to get it going."

Zee is the acting vice president for research at Auburn University and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new research park that will be built at the 154-acre site on South College Street. The multi-million dollar endeavor will be an area devoted to various kinds of research and will house many types of "high-tech, non-polluting" companies, according to Zee.

The park will benefit everyone in the Auburn community whether they're a resident, faculty member or a college student, he said. The park will bring valuable partnerships between the university and the business world and will bring job opportunities and tax revenue to the city of Auburn, said Zee.

A few types of companies that he would like to see in the new park are pharmaceuticals, computer science, software development and biofuel work.

Zee hopes that the research park will provide a public outlet for faculty research and will give the students a chance to apply their studies to real-world situations. He also believes that the park will give Auburn University a better reputation.

"It will give Auburn name recognition in the commercial world," said Zee.

Zee said that the first thing to focus on is construction. The groundbreaking is set for the end of September and should take one year to complete, he added.

For more information about the Auburn Research Park, visit the Office of Technology Transfer's Web site.