Thurow receives young investigator award

Published: Sep 7, 2006 11:17:49 AM
Media Contact: Cheryl Cobb,, 334.844.2220

Date: September 7, 2006
Contact: Sara Borchik, 334.844.9159,

Thurow receives young investigator award

Brian Thurow, assistant professor in aerospace engineering and head of the Advanced Laser Diagnostics Laboratory (ALDL), has been selected to receive a grant from the Army Research Office (ARO) Young Investigator Program (YIP).

"I am excited about this award and how it will contribute to the growth of the ALDL and my career," Thurow said. "We look forward to further long-term research projects with the ARO."

Thurow's proposal, "Development of an Ultra-Fast Volumetric Measurement System for High-Speed Turbulent Flow Fields," demonstrates the capabilities of a three-dimensional imaging system currently being developed in the ALDL. The award will provide close to $50,000 per year for three years to develop this technology and is complemented by an earlier Defense University Research Instrumentation Program award that provided specialized equipment for conducting the research.

"This award and the research it involves would not be possible without the collaborative support of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and Auburn University," Thurow said.

The ARO Young Investigator Program awards young faculty less than five years out of doctoral studies who show exceptional promise for doing creative research. The objectives of this program are to attract outstanding faculty members to the army research program, support innovative research, and encourage teaching and research careers.