Raju and Sankar receive award from international organization

Published: Sep 1, 2006 10:53:17 AM
Media Contact: , newsroom@eng.auburn.edu,

P.K. Raju and Chetan Sankar, Thomas Walter Professors at Auburn University, received a leadership recognition award from the International Network for Engineering Education and Research (INEER) at the group's annual meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 23-28.

Raju, from the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, and Sankar, from the College of Business, were honored for their work, both individually and collaboratively, towards integrating business and engineering issues into undergraduate curricula internationally. Their Laboratory for Innovative Technology and Engineering Education (LITEE) was noted specifically for its innovative teaching and learning methodologies that impact engineering education worldwide.

"Our LITEE instructional materials, in the form of multimedia case studies, discuss real- world industry problems and provide scenarios where the students can participate in the decision-making process by playing the roles of engineers and managers involved in solving the problems," said Raju. "We are pleased that AU's LITEE was among three organizations recognized by INEER this year from a pool of nominations worldwide."