Tennessee Tech Overall Winner at 2006 Mini Baja East

Published: Apr 21, 2006 4:59:45 PM
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Tennessee Tech University took top honors at this year's Mini Baja East competition held at Auburn University April 13-15. Clarkson University in New York, and Université de Sherbrooke from Quebec, placed second and third, respectively. Queen's University in Ontario and Auburn University rounded out the top five.

"I feel like the competition was a success," said Peter Jones, the chief organizer for the event. "We had plenty of talented teams, exceptional volunteers and a great course."

Competitions included design evaluation, log pull, acceleration, land and water maneuverability, and suspension and traction, culminating in a five-hour endurance race on a specially-built 2.1 mile off-road course at the National Center for Asphalt Technology test facility in Opelika.

"For the five years I was a member of Auburn's Mini Baja team, I always felt that more could be added to each course we went to," said Darrell Krueger, a 2005 mechanical engineering graduate and one of the event's organizers. "When we started designing this course, we sent out a call for suggestions, and I really feel like we put together a course that encompasses everything we've seen in the past, with a few new surprises."

"With obstacles such as drop offs, an unimproved railroad crossing and a twisty free-for-all area, this course demanded not only a great car, but a smart driver as well," Krueger said.

More than 60 teams participated in Mini Baja East, providing an excellent opportunity to show off the campus and community to visitors from across North America. Organizers saw that having the event in Auburn would not only increase recognition of the university by the engineering community but also heighten the visiting students' knowledge of the graduate study opportunities at Auburn.

"We heard numerous compliments on how well things went, and that can only be attributed to the hard work of all the organizers," said Jones, who is also a faculty member in mechanical engineering. "Hopefully, we can bring the competition back to Auburn in the near future."

Founded in 1976, Mini Baja is an annual SAE student competition to design, build and race a prototype of an off-road, all-terrain vehicle. It consists of East, West and Midwest regional events. Last year, teams from 273 North American colleges competed in SAE Mini Baja events.

To learn more about the event, please visit the competition home page at http://east.minibaja.org.

2006 Mini Baja East Awards
Auburn, AL

Engineering Design Award - Presented by Polaris
1st - Tennessee Tech University
2nd - Université De Sherbrooke
3rd - Queen's University

Suspension Innovation (Polaris)
Université De Sherbrooke

Cost Award - Presented by Honda Manufacturing
1st - Université De Sherbrooke
2nd - University of South Florida
3rd - Virginia Tech

Technology Innovation Award - Presented by Digital Engineering Solutions
Clarkson University

Acceleration Award - Presented by Mercedes - Benz U.S. International
1st - University of Wisconsin Madison
2nd - University of Michigan
3rd - Tennessee Tech University

Log Pull Award - Presented by RSC
1st - New York Institute of Technology
2nd - Clarkson University
3rd - Northeastern University

Water Maneuverability Award - Presented by Emily Johnson
1st - Clarkson University and Tennessee Tech University
2nd - Villanova University
3rd - Bucknell University

Land Maneuverability Award - Presented by Digital Engineering Solutions
1st - Auburn University
2nd - Rochester Institute of Technology #1
3rd - Rochester Institute of Technology #2

Suspension and Traction Award - Presented by Alfa
1st - University of South Florida
2nd - Michigan State University
3rd - Auburn University

Endurance Award - Presented by Honda
1st - Université De Sherbrooke
2nd - Queen's University
3rd - Bucknell University

Total Short Dynamic Award - Presented by Honda
1st - Clarkson University
2nd - Louisiana State University
3rd - Tennessee Tech University

Overall Award - Presented by Briggs & Stratton and the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
1st - Tennessee Tech University
2nd - Clarkson University
3rd - Université De Sherbrooke
4th - Queen's University
5th - Auburn University

Briggs & Stratton Extra Parts
University of Central Florida Knights 1
North Carolina A & T
University of Alabama (GRITS)
Middle Tennessee Blue Raider Baja
Fairmont State University
US Military Academy

Generator - Embry Riddle Ladies
Power Washer - University of Vermont

Dirtiest Endurance Driver - Presented by Auburn Mini Baja
Northeastern University

Team that Traveled the Longest Distance - Presented by Auburn Mini Baja
Université De Sherbrooke

Team that Slept the Least - Presented by Auburn Mini Baja
Johns Hopkins University