Engineering moves up in US News graduate school rankings

Published: Apr 12, 2006 11:07:19 AM
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The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering once again moved up in U.S. News and World Report's 2006 Graduate School Rankings. Auburn ranked 46 among overall graduate engineering programs at public universities, a jump from 48 last year. The College of Business and the College of Education also saw improvement in their rankings.

Dean Larry Benefield was impressed with the college's improvement in the rankings, but indicated his aspirations for the college are higher still.

I'm pleased at the steady progress in our graduate rankings, which are based on a mix of objective measurements and subjective rankings by engineering deans across the country," Benefield said. "We still have a significant amount of work ahead if we are to achieve our vision of advancing into the ranks of the nation's top public engineering colleges."

In addition, rankings of graduate programs in five individual engineering disciplines improved while another stayed the same. Auburn's graduate programs jumped from 27 to 26 in industrial and systems engineering; 55 to 49 in electrical engineering; 55 to 51 in chemical engineering; unranked to 58 in computer science and software engineering; and 69 to 62 in mechanical engineering. Auburn's civil engineering graduate program ranked 48, the same as last year.

Factors for ranking engineering graduate programs included assessment by peer deans and corporate recruiters, graduate examination scores, acceptance rate, student-faculty ratio, percentage of National Academy of Engineering faculty members, doctoral degrees awarded, and faculty research expenditures.

Benefield said the change in ranking was just further evidence that the Ginn College of Engineering has an excellent reputation.

"Not only have our measurements improved, but other institutions are noticing," Benefield said. "I think that our faculty are doing even better than the numbers suggest since reputation always trails reality."

Among public universities, Auburn's business school graduate program is ranked 39 nationally. The College of Education's graduate programs ranked 51.