Flipped Course Segments

Faculty-produced lecture videos made available ahead of time and studied before the material is interactively discussed in class

Many studies have shown that there are students who benefit from courses presented by “flipping the classroom,” that is, providing the material that is traditionally presented in in class lectures to the students via video outside of class time and spending class time doing problems, traditionally performed as homework. However, preparation of the course videos requires significant time and resource investment. The Department of Mechanical Engineering teaches several classes with large enrollment that are often split into several sections. Some of these courses have been historical stumbling blocks for students entering the program. Faculty choose some topic or topics within the course and run parallel sessions in which a week or two of class time is “flipped” in one section and not in another or others. Support has been provided to the faculty preparing the flipped classroom section. If assessment reveals that flipping the classroom proves to be advantageous to student learning and retention, it can be expanded, gradually, throughout the course and into other courses in the curriculum. Methods developed during these studies will be shared with other disciplines. This faculty development effort is done in one course for each of the three years at an annual cost of $2000. The added benefit of this effort is increased faculty engagement in educational excellence.

In Fall 2014, one chapter in MECH3020, Thermodynamics-II, was presented in flipped format.  Students were provided with the two slide decks listed below, and the accompanying three video segments.  Class time was spent interactively solving problems based on this material.  Evaluative data obtained were compared against those from another section of the course that was taught using a traditional format

Presentation slides

Thermodynamic Property General Relations Entropy       Thermodynamic Property General Relations


General Relations - 1

General Relations - 2

Maxwell's Equations

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