M.S. Theses

M.S. Degrees Awarded 2013

  • Bew, Gregory Erroll, Iterative and Incremental System Lifecycle Development.
  • Tang, Ruoliang, Morphometric Analysis of the Human Lower Lumbar Intervertebral Discs and Vertebral Endplates Experimental Approach and Regression Models.

M.S. Degrees Awarded 2012

  • Li, Zhenhong, Pulsed Breakdown Phenomena in Partial Vacuum.

M.S. Degrees Awarded 2011

  • Bandaram, Arunkumar, Reliability of Solder Attachment Options with Lead Free for 0.4 Mm Micro BGA Packages.
  • Cox, Nicholas Adam, HONORS THESES, Critical Review of Agi-Goldratt Institute’s Velocity, Combining Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints to Achieve Breakthrough Performance / Nicholas Adam Cox.
  • Iyer, Gopalakrishnan, Wireless Mesh Routing in Smart Utility Networks.
  • Jeong, Yi Hun, Obesity Effects on Preferred Driving Postures and Vehicle Interior Component Settings.
  • Kannan, Balaji, Reliability/Availability of Manufacturing Cells and Transfer Lines.
  • Ranganathan Jagannathan, Arun Kumar, Vehicle Routing with Cross Docks, Split Deliveries, and Multiple Use of Vehicles.
  • Sakhardande, Rohan, Lean Manufacturing in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Swaim, William, SMT Line Improvements for High Mix, Low Volume Electronics Manufacturing.

M.S. Degrees Awarded 2010

  • Folta, Aaron Wesley, Alternative Fuels and Their Effects on Portland Cement.
  • Shanmugasundaram, Priyadharshini, Test Time Optimization in Scan Circuits.

M.S. Degrees Awarded 2009

  • Bak, Taner, AE Simulator a Serial Production Line Simulator.
  • Haridass, Karunakaran, Optimizing and Scheduling of a Pooled Log Transport System.
  • Li, Jingyun, Alternate in-Situ Environmental Testing System by Matrix Design.
  • Sukumaran, Sujith, A Decision Support System for Biorefinery Location and Logistics.
  • Zou, Guangyu, Collective Creativity in Scientific Communities.

M.S. Degrees Awarded 2008

  • Kim, Kyongsun, Group versus Staggered Replacement Policy Strategic Replacement Decisons.
  • Ridenour, Joshua David, Overmolded Substrate on Aluminum Metal Backing for Harsh Environment Applications.
  • Sözer, Esin Bengisu, Gaseous Discharges and Their Applications as High Power Plasma Switches.

M.S. Degrees Awarded 2007

  • Dalkilic, Veysel Ugur, A Supply Chain Approach to Shelf Space Allocation.
  • Ivanović, Goran, Aisle Designs for Unit-Load Warehouses with Multiple Pickup and Deposit Points.

M.S. Degrees Awarded 2006

  • Escobar, Claudia Patricia, Sensitivity Analysis of Subjective Ergonomic Assessment Tools Impact of Input Information Accuracy on Output (final Scores) Generation.
  • McGlocklin, Kristin Hew, Economic Analysis of Various Reforming Techniques and Fuel Sources for Hydrogen Production.
  • Mitchell, Charles Clayton, PBGA Reliability of Lead Free Solder Balls Assembled with Tin Lead Solder Paste for Harsh Environment Electronics.
  • Ramesh, Abishek, Bottleneck Detection and Mitigation in Serial Production Systems.

M.S. Degrees Awarded 2005

  • Jadhav, Pradip Dinkarrao, Simulation Modeling and Analysis of Printed Circuit Board Assembly Lines.
  • Ramaswamy, Harish Krishna, Feeder Allocation Policy for a Turret Head Placement Machine Using Dynamic Programming.
  • Roy, Ajay K., Finite Element Analysis and Life Estimation of a Permanent Cylidrical Mold with Ansys and Coffin-Manson Approach.

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