Ph.D. Dissertations

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2018

  • Khoshkhoo, Ali, Design and Manufacturing of Surface Topography with Additive Manufacturing: Properties and Applications. Advisor: Dr. Andres L. Carrano. Current position: Assistant Professor, Binghamton University.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2017

  • Sridhar, Sharath, Accelerated Life-Cycle Testing of Various Lead-Free Solder Alloys by Mechanical Shock and Thermal Cycling Techniques. Advisor: Dr. John Evans.
  • Derhami, Shahab, Designing Optimal Layouts for Block Stacking Warehouses. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Smith. Current position: Senior Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Lynch, Stephanie, Quantification of Ergonomic Risk Factors in Southeastern Logging Operations. Advisor: Dr. Richard Sesek. 
  • Mortaz, Ebrahim, Operational and Investment Solutions to Enhance the Transmission and Distribution Systems of the Electrical Grid. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela. Current position: Assistant Professor, Pace University.
  • Alhwiti, Theyab Atallah H, A Novel Method for Visualizing Keywords in Bibliometrics Science.  Current Position: Operations Industrial Engineer, United States Postal Service, Greater Boston Area
  • Ozden, Sabahattin Gokhan, A Computational System to Solve the Warehouse Aisle Design Problem. Advisor: Dr. Alice Smith. Current position: Assistant Professor, Penn State Abington.
  • Pentikis, John, Determination of Safe Guidelines for One-Hand Lifting. Advisor: Dr. Richard Sesek. Current position: Ergonomics Branch Chief, U.S. Army Public Health Center
  • Salar, Menekse, Validation of MRI-Derived Morphometric Estimations of Biomechanical Inputs to Improve Low Back Pain Risk Assessment. Advisor: Dr. Richard Sesek. Current position: Research Fellow at National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Cincinatti, OH.
  • Lee, Hung-Yu, Facility layout and emerging advanced material handling optimization.  Advisor: Dr. Chase Murray. Current Position: Network Optimization Architect at Akamai Technologies in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Li, Shaomao, Trading Strategies and Risk Management for Wind Power in the Electricity Market. Advisor: Dr. Chan Park, Current position: Structuring quantitative analyst for Just Energy in Houston.
  • Cao, Li, Evaluation of Evacuation Performance Using Different Locomotive Postures. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. Current position: EH&S Engineer - Ergonomist at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
  • Zhao, Cong, Board Level Reliability of Lead-Free Solder Interconnections with Solder Doping Under Harsh Environment. Advisor: Dr. John Evans. Current position: Apple.
  • Weng, Bin, Application of machine learning techniques for stock market prediction. Advisor: Dr. Fadel Megahed. Current position: Amazon.
  • Garnett, Richard, Revisiting the OSHA Hand Speed Constant. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. Current position: Lecturer, Auburn University.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2016

  • Sanders, Thomas, Extreme Environment Reliability of Components for Computing with SAC305 and Alternative High-Reliability Solders. Advisor: Dr. John Evans. Current position: JPL NASA.
  • Kardel, Kamran, An analytical and experimental study on 3D-printed custom surfaces for benthic algal biofilms. Advisor: Dr. Andres L. Carrano. Current position: Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University.
  • Shen, Chaobo, Reliability of Aging in Microstructures for Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Joints with Different Surface Finishes during Thermal Cycling. Advisor: Dr. John Evans. 
  • Ekong, Joseph, Effect of Three Dimensional Substratum Features on Benthic Algal Biomass Productivity. Advisor: Dr. Andres L. Carrano. Current position: Assistant Professor, Northern Ohio University.
  • Negahban, Ashkan, Application of Simulation and Optimization Approaches in Supply-Constrained Innovation Diffusion. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Smith. Current position: Assistant Professor, Penn State Great Valley.
  • Carpenter, LuAnn, Development of Standard Data for Donning and Doffing Personal Protective Equipment. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. Current position: Director, Student Program Assessment, Auburn University.
  • Dag, Ali, A Data Driven Framework to Identify the Critical Variables, Visualize Their Conditional Relations and Predict the Outcomes of U.S. Heart Transplants. Advisor: Dr. Fadel Megahed. Current position: Assistant Professor, University of South Dakota.
  • Gore, Patricia, Creating a Mission Architecture Step to Inform the System Engineering Process. Advisor: Dr. John Evans. Current position: MDA U.S. Government Huntsville.
  • Abulhassan, Yousif, Evaluation of School Bus Emergency Evacuation Systems With Regard to Physical Capabilities of Young Children. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. Current position: Assistant Professor, Murray State University.
  • Sakinc, Eren, Manufacturing Cost Prediction in the Presence of Categorical and Numeric Design Attributes. Advisor: Dr. Alice Smith. Current position: Senior Associate, Business Planning and Insight Division, Axtria Inc.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2015

  • Ku, Chung Lin, Strategic Investment Decisions for Product Development Projects - An Option-Game Approach
  • Tsai, Yao Te, Towards the Identification of Predictor Variables for Highway Safety
  • Jabarnejad, Masood, Operational and Investment Solutions for Dynamic Line Switching and Rating in Electrical Grid. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela. 
  • Ozgormus, Elif, Optimization of Block Layout for Grocery Stores. Advisor: Dr. Alice Smith. Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Pamukkale University, Denizli, Turkey.
  • Bissinger, Nancy, Cyberintrusion Detection in Critical Infrastructure. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela. Current position: Postdoc, Auburn University.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2014

  • Al Theeb, Nader A. B., An Integrated Logistics System for Effective Resource Distribution in Post-disaster Humanitarian Relief Operations.
  • Hai, Zhou, Reliability of Lead-free Electronic Package Interconnections under Harsh Environment. Advisor: Dr. John Evans. Current position: Nvidia.
  • Kang, Wonseok, The Asymmetric Game Strategies Utilizing R&D Incentives under Uncertain Patent Race and Non-infringing Imitation.
  • Mousavian, Seyedamirabbas, Optimization Models for Advanced Cyber-security in the Smart Grid. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela. Current position: Assistant Professor, Clarkson University.
  • Park, Seungbae, An evaluation Fraework and Decision-Making Model for Defense Acquisition Projects-Real Options and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA).
  • Perr, Christopher W., Improving Usable Security and System Safety. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. Current position: Computer Security Researcher, Sandia National Lab.
  • Uludag, Onur, GridPick A High Density Puzzle Based Order Picking System with Decentralized Control

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2013

  • Ceven, Erdem, Wave Release Strategies for Order Fulfillment Systems with Deadlines.
  • Gungor, Celal, Prediction of the Erector Spinae Muscle Lever Arm Distance for Biomechanical ModelsAdvisor: Dr. Richard Sesek. Current position: Assistant Professor, Izmir Katip Celebi University, Izmir, Turkey.
  • Helvaci, Dilcu, Generating Renewal Functions of Uniform, Gamma, Normal and Weibull Distributions for Minimal and Non Negligible Repair by Using Convolutions and Approximation Methods.
  • Kabadurmus, Ozgur, Design of Resilient Heterogeneous Wireless Networks. Advisor: Dr. Alice Smith. Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Logistics, Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey.
  • Moyo, Yamkelani, Developing a Multidisciplinary Best Practice Manufacturing Education. Advisor: Dr. John Evans. Current position: Continental Motors.
  • Ogutu, Jack Odunga, Modeling Human Perception of Postural StressAdvisor: Dr. Richard Sesek. Current position: Associate. Prof. & OSEH Prog. Coordinator Dept. of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology at Millersville University.
  • Özgür, Özmen, Exploring the Impact of Socio-Technical Communication Styles on the Robustness and Innovation Potential of Global Participatory Science.
  • Vijayakumar, The Effects of Thermal Aging on the Mechanical Behavior of Fine Pitch Electronics PackagesAdvisor: Dr. John Evans. Current position: Johnson Control.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2012

  • Adams, Lamar D., Development of an Analytical Process to Measure Teacher Effectiveness Based on Student Growth to Augment an Educator Evaluation System.
  • Barnes, Jeremy Lamar, Test Planning and Validation through an Optimized Kriging Interpolation Process in a Sequential Sampling Adaptive Computer Learning Environment.
  • Zhang, Jiawei, The Effects of Aging on the Reliability of Lead Free Fine-Pitch Electronics PackagingAdvisor: Dr. John Evans. Current position: Qualcomm.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2011

  • Ballard, Kandace N., Emergency Management Strategies for the Retail IndustryAdvisor: Dr. John Evans. Current position: Qualcomm.
  • Bell, Richard C., A Distribution-Free Control Chart for Retrospective Location Analysis of Subgrouped Multivariate Data.
  • Ozturkoglu, Omer, New Warehouse Designs Angled Aisles and Their Effects on Travel Distance.
  • Pitiruek, Komkrit, An Operating Model and Economic Analysis for Integrating Wind Electric Power in ManufacturingAdvisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2010

  • Boelhouwer, Eric, GHS in the USA Effects of Pictograms, Signal Words, and Performance Based Qualifiers on Hazard Communication. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. Current position: Dorris and Associates Inc.
  • Lee, Hwainsik, Decision Models for a Two-Stage Supply Chain Planning under Uncertainty with Time-Sensitive Shortages and Real Option Approach.
  • Li, Zhaozhi, A Novel Three Dimensional Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging Technology-Manufacturing Process Development and Reliability CharacterizationsAdvisor: Dr. John Evans. Current position: INTEL.
  • Liu, Wei, Activated Carbon Fiber Filter Media for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell.
  • Peters, Kim Y., A Markov Chain Dynamic Social Network Modeling and Simulation to Assess the Impact of out-of-School Suspensions on Dropouts and TruancyAdvisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.
  • Watts, Bobbie Jo, The Effect of Varying Work Order Sequences on Physiological Responses in Combined Manual Material HandlingAdvisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. Current position: Zone Manager of Ergonomic, Michelin North America

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2009

  • Cho, Younchol, Optimizing Military Tactical MANETs Efficiently Using PSO. Advisor: Dr. Alice Smith and Dr. Jeffrey Smith. Current position: Lieutenant Commander, South Korean Navy.
  • Gray, Michael David, Data Mining Medication Administration Incident Data to Identify Opportunities for Improving Patient Safety.
  • Kandaswaamy, Sakthivael, Thermal Field Mapping Technique for Friction Stir Process.
  • Kim, Byung Soo, Dynamic Slotting and Cartonization Problem in Zone-Based Carton Picking Systems.
  • Kim, Hyun Ho, Modeling Service Performance and Dynamic Worker Allocation Policies for Order Fulfillment Systems.
  • Liu, Heping, Taylor Kriging Metamodeling for Simulation Interpolation, Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization.
  • Piper, Adam Kelly, Participatory Design of Warning Symbols Using Distributed Interactive Evolutionary Computation. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. Current position: Associate Professor, South Dakota School of Mines.
  • Sarpkaya, Gokhan, A Floor Space Valuation Method for Automotive Electronics Manufacturing. Advisor: Dr. John Evans.
  • Siriruk, Pavee, Cournot Competition under Uncertainty in Power Markets. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.
  • Ustun, Volkan, Human Behavior Representation in Physical Security Systems Simulation.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2008

  • Balci, Huseyin Hakan, Valuation of Power Generation Investments in Deregulated Capacity Markets. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.
  • Huang, Ching-ying, Comparing the Overlapping of Two Independent Confidence Intervals with a Single Confidence Interval for Two Normal Population Parameters.
  • Maddela, Madhurima, Design of MEMS-Based Tunable Antennas, Organic Transistors and MEMS-Based Organic Control Circuits.
  • Muhdi, Rani, The Development and Representation of Occupant Performance in Building Evacuation Modeling. Advisor: Dr. Jerry Davis. 
  • Taskin, Selda, Supply Chain Planning for Hurricane Response with Information Updates.
  • Yapicioglu, Haluk, Retail Spatial Design with a Racetrack Aisle Network Considering Revenue and Adjacencies. Advisor: Alice Smith. Current position: Assistant Professor, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey.
  • Yucekaya, Ahmet D., Electric Power Bidding Models for Competitive Markets. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.
  • Zhang, Duoxing, Real Options Evaluation of Financial Investment in Flexible Manufacturing Systems in the Automotive IndustryAdvisor: Dr. John Evans. Current position: EXXON Mobile.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2007

  • Dengiz, Orhan, Maximizing Connectivity and Performance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Mobile Agents. Advisor: Alice Smith. Current position: Founder and President, DVM Technologies, Ankara, Turkey.
  • Han, Hyun Jin, Estimating Project Volatility and Developing Decision Support System in Real Options Analysis.
  • Holman, Grady Talley, Patient Handling Restrictions & Conditions.
  • Kaymaz, Pinar, Electric Power Generation Expansion in Deregulated Markets. Advisor: Dr. Jorge Valenzuela.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2006

  • Godbey, Jessie Franklin, The Effects of Behavior-Based Safety Techniques on Behavior Variation, Targeted and Non-Targeted Safe Behaviors, and Productivity and Quality in Manufacturing Facilities. Advisor: Dr. Robert Thomas. Current position: Associate Professor, Jacksonville State University.
  • Jordan, Victoria Spooner, The Optimum Upper Screening Limit and Optimum Mean Fill Level to Maximize Expected Net Profit in the Canning Problem for Finite Continuous Distributions.
  • Sozer, Sevin, Transmission Expansion Planning to Alleviate Congestion in Deregulated Power Markets.
  • Yang, Yanchun, Knapsack Problems with Setup.

Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2005

  • Abuelenin, Sherif Mohamed, Developing a Magnetically Suspended Disc System for Industrial Applications, with Application on Ring Spinning.
  • Hwang, Inkew, “The Use of Real and Financial Options in Long-Term International Weapon Transaction Contracts.”

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